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  1. No conversion on my car it is still original. A new battery helped quite a bit but I still have to jump out from time to time to disconnect the battery cable to disengage the starter. I'm pretty sure it is a weak relay. Does anyone know if rebuilding the relay is a DIY job or where I can get one? I'm not quite sure if the solenoid and relay are one unit or separate it would help to know. Thank you for any assistance.
  2. I just bought a 1948 Roadmaster Convertible and am I need of the same part. It is leaking and covered in fluid and I don’t know what to do. What part of it is prone to leaking and can I rebuild it or is there a kit to rebuild it. Any suggestions? I don't understand what the Bakelite portion does but have not seen Bakelite hold up on anything this old especially as a functioning moving part. Thank you
  3. "That's a hell of a car for $56,000. At that price, who cares if it's fake or what color it is?" Or if it has an engine or doors....just throw it on the front lawn and start parting it out and double your money!
  4. Well, I was talking to my brother last night and we have both decided it is time to get a Packard and this one seemed like the right choice. We discussed it for an hour and came to the conclusion it would be a really great buy at $60,000. I told him I would send in a deposit so we could phone bid. Well Mecum wants 20% down for your highest phone bid and say they will return the money in thirty days. So I said "screw it"I am not going to all that trouble for a car I would more than happily pay $60,000 for because it will never go for that price. I strangely found myself routing for the price to go higher when it got hung up at $48,000 today, not wanting to make the call to my brother that we didn't get it for the agreed upon price because of my sloth like behavior. It sold for $56,000. The good news for future buyers of these cars is that prices are definitely headed downward which is why I thought that there was a possibility this one would go for that price based on exhaustive research of all auctions selling Packards for the last five years. The bad news was the call I had to make to my brother. Who woulda thunk? Great driver! It seems that the Classic Cars are going the way of brownwood furniture. I just found this post and had to join to give the update.
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