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  1. AbeLincoln and 19Tom40, A lot has happened over the past 2 weeks but hardly anything with the car proper unfortunately... Work keeps me quite busy. In any case, I have gotten very good opinions, yours, and even that of 2 well known folks in the community: - Skip Hanley (who rebuilds the coils and water pumps for those Flathead V12 Lincolns and many flathead V8 [Num: 941 637 6698]) and - Jerry Richman (who actually rebuilds those Flathead V12 distributors and carburetors [num: 774 218 1200]). Both were extremely knowledgeable, and so eager to help; this co
  2. PS: after reading more on the topic, I might have messed up and damaged my coil today while trying: I noticed that I left the key in the ignition (in the position ready to push the starter button), and I read that this can damage the coil. With the distributor off, we will test the coil as well. Should we want to do that, how should we proceed? Thank you, - Uriel
  3. Hi Everyone, This website is a great resource and let me start by thanking everyone who is maintaining the community for those beautiful (and finicky) machines! I apologies in advance if I don't use the right vocabulary, I'm new to classic cars, and I'm also not a native English speaker, so I'll be as descriptive as I can. I recently bought a 1946 Continental with its original 292 V12 , rebuilt some years ago but hardly driven (the past owner, I was told, passed away shortly after. the rebuild..). It was running really weak and could hardly move. We started trouble
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