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  1. not being familiar 6 volt positive grounds if I use the engine start feature on the battery charger would this do any damage to Miss Daisy? Sorry for so many questions
  2. thank you it already has the second ground cable and I just ordered a new cable from the batt to starter
  3. I have read that you can use a 12 volt battery JUST to start her and then immediately remove the jumper cables anybody had any luck doing this with no damage?
  4. Thank you guys for the info the car (miss Daisy ) has a special place in my heart. The repairs are under warranty so I think I will give the shop one more try. Its the only starter/generator repair shop within 50 miles. I personally am not comfortable taking the starter apart at this time. I do appreciate the info and guidance thank you.
  5. In have a 41 Windsor that has developed a p roblem the only way to get it started is to tap the starter with a hammer. Had the starter sol rebuild the shop said is was gummed up but starter was clean and functioning. The shop replaced the starter but said the battery wouldn't keep a charge and used a battery charger to start it. Got it home and no start even with a battery charger before I take it back to the shop does anybody have any ideas? And does anybody no where I could get a replacement/spare?
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