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  1. I'm also keen of preservation of all usable hardware. In my 32 Buick most of bolts, nuts, washers etc. were parkerized. I personally prefer oxidation, which is similar to parkerization. Both processes are simple and can be done with respect to safety requirements.
    Below example of my work.

    Items prepared for oxidation:


    After oxidation. It looks good in my opinion:


  2. 1 hour ago, daniel boeve said:

    You can see customs clearance in the description meaning this car came from the US not that long ago .If it would have been in Poland since ever it would have a Volga engine and a Lada rear end etc ....

    If someone decided on such a terrible "upgrade", which unfortunately was a common situation, most likely the donor car would be the Warszawa M-20, which was produced in Poland.  



    At that time, the Wolga M-21 was a high-class car.



    Przemek M. 

  3. Another 1938 Lincoln Model K is now for sale in......... Poland:



    I believe this car was imported to Poland from US. The price in US Dollars:  $46,000 (for negotiations).

    It seems that cars in Europe are "slightly" more expensive than in the US.


    Seller description:

    Historic Lincoln Judkins KV12 car. Year of production 1938. Complete documentation: customs clearance, registration certificate, customs, excise, all paid. Half Convertible. Not this one, but that was what Al Capone drove. There were 66 manufactured, 4 of them now in the world.

    Price: PLN 180,000 for reasonable negotiation
    Offer directly from the owner.










  4. Looks like an interesting car with the right engine (I own few V12 cars). It is listed by Steve from Vault Classic Cars. He is knowledgeable guy.




    Seller description:

    This 1939 Lincoln K V-12 with Coachwork by Judkins in the 5 passenger limousine style - was delivered December 22, 1938, and is likely the very last Lincoln built by the Judkins firm. 

    This is a very original example of a fine coachbuilt V-12 Lincoln - the very last of the Judkins built cars, and a great example of brilliant styling - notice how the entire window line flows back, the padded roof, and the body accent lines that make a big limousine beautiful and attractive!

    The Lincoln Greyhound and the "Lincoln V-12" enamel emblem are highlights of this streamline moderne flowing design.

    This engine was rebuilt about 15 years ago, at considerable expense. I contacted the former owner who had commissioned that work to confirm it.

    Note the Holley Carburetor. The original carburetor which requires attention and air cleaner are included. I would say the original wiring harness is due for replacement too.

    The interior is completely original.

    The doors fit and shut beautifully, an indication of a solid body structure. Some of the original glass has distress, including the driver window, both windshields, the divider window, and the rear window. It still needs a few things, like making the toeboard filler, the speedometer and gas gauge don't work, and the front end will shake sometimes on the road. So it's running and driving, but not ready to take on tour yet.

    This is a V-12 Full Classic with a Judkins custom body!


















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  5. Hello David,
    Very good to hear from you. It would be very nice to see photos of your car. Did you buy it already restored or went through the restoration process?
    Pete Phillips posted: "The Buick Club of America knows of two 68-C 1932 Buicks among its 6,000+ members. Yours makes three!". I wonder if your Buick is among these three or it is fourth?
    I am at the beginning of my story with the Buick 68C and I'm very pleased with this car. It distracts me from working on my other cars but I can live with it:)
    As mentioned in my previous posts I want to sort out the car mechanically at first. I finished fuel pump rebuilding (photo below), cleaned fuel line, removed fuel tank, inspected cylinders and ignition system and turned the engine (there is spark!). The fuel tanks is rusted quite badly and 30% full with fuel sludge. It proves the car was not in use for many, many years. Currently I'm installing new exhaust.

    I'm still looking for correct heat transfer system. Thanks to people from this forum I have already found few good parts such as headlight lenses, carburetor etc.

    Fuel pump before:



    and after:




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  6. 4 hours ago, old-tank said:

    Not good that someone put that comment in an email.  Maybe the though was that one person out of the country would not affect his business.  Send another email with a link to this forum discussion and ask that the owner review the situation again.

    I have already sent such a message with another attempt to convince Bob that with such small thing it makes no sense to react like this. No answer yet.


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  7. 7 hours ago, 60FlatTop said:

    I am pretty sure it was Bob that used to set up in the corner of the Hershey White Field in the 1990's. I bought some things, talked cars, and have good vibrations. He seemed pretty old to me at that time, 30 years older now. You know how those old guys get cranky. I have seen a few. Or, a second generation is in there. I would print the message out and mail it back, USPS. And politely ask for a clarification. Might have been a bad day.


    I spent some time around the Reservation when I was in my early 20's. I heard someone there say "Treat a man as a brother until he proves himself unworthy, then ignore him". I wouldn't remember that 50 years later if it hadn't worked.




    Very goo comment. I think I'm somewhere between the "brother" and "ignore" stages:)



  8. 18 hours ago, kingrudy said:

    I started to deal with Bob's Automobilia ten years ago and I always thought their shipping was high and their prices were a bit high. I now deal with CARS (old Buick parts). Very similar parts and the prices and shipping is good. I had a couple of conversations that could have been handled with more grace and charm on their end and I don't need the grief. 



    Thanks for the information. It's good to know that there are other online stores with Buick parts.



  9. 21 hours ago, mobileparts said:

    Przemek M,

       You're being in Poland (I am of Polish and Russian descent) -- do not spend the money to make a phone call....

       You can mail me here, through the AACA Forum, or you can email me at


       Whatever is easiest for you is fine by me..... Yours, Craig.....

    Hello Craig,

    I have already found your contact data together with good references:


    I will contact you when make the final list of parts I need.


  10. 21 hours ago, 1939_Buick said:

    With Przemek M being in Poland and Bob's in California shipping will be very expensive.  But they should supply the part you ordered at no extra costs.  If paid by credit card charge back may be a option.  If the shipping docket shows the "old" description and the revised web site the new description that would be good proof


    In my second message to Bob I offered him exchange on his cost or discount for the next order due to high costs of shipping from/to Europe. The answer was no for both options.

    I will not fight with Bob despite evident prooves on invoice and current description of the kit but thanks for advice.


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