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  1. looking for a known good 3spd trans can have overdrive as well . .i believe Dodge ,Plymouth, and Chysler had same trans 1935 - 1938 thank you BillW
  2. HI i'm looking for grill chrome molding Clips I have all chrome.However i'm having trouble finding metal 1/4 x5/16 hairpin clips thanks for any help
  3. HI looking for someone knows if the water pump on my 1940 IHC D2 1/2 ton . motor hd 213 can be repacked .there is a packing nut on shaft. Any old school guys know? Thanks for any advice
  4. hi I recently finished restoring 1936 Desoto Airstream s1.Although it came out spectacular i made a huge mistake in not filling the seam on roof with body filler thinking i could get a roof seam gasket .I used a t shaped windshield gasket and siliconed it in place. It looks great however it leaks.I would like to get the correct gasket if anyone knows where, that would be awesome.Can anyone tell me if originally the seam was lead filled by Chysler .OR was there a gasket . If i cannot find gasket I will have to refinish most of the body. very costly and much labor thank for your help
  5. 1940 IHC D2 trim clips looking for clips that hold grill trim molding thanks for any help billw
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