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  1. Now that I know this is a Hupmobile I was just looking at the photos of early Hupmobiles in the "Standard Catalogue of American Automobiles" by Kimes and Clark and it appears to my eye that this may be a 1912 model because of the windscreen and folded down top. Would I be correct in this? And would it be possible to tell which model it might be. According to this catalog there were 4 models: three were called Model 20 - the Runabout, the Roadster and the Coupe. And the fourth was called a Model 32 Torpedo.Tr-4P. From what I can see in the photo it appears to be a two seat model so I would expect that would make it one of the three Model 20 variants rather than the Model 32 which seems to be a 4-seat model. And thanks to everyone for your help - I and my family appreciate your generously sharing your expertise.
  2. Thanks! Is it possible to tell the year of her Hupmobile?
  3. I have a photo of my great grandmother at the wheel of her auto. The photo is with some others that are dated 1914 so my guess is that this photo was also taken in 1914 but it could be a car from slightly earlier if it was not new that year that this photo was taken. Can anyone tell what make and model her car was? Many thanks!!