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  1. My father has been getting the wheels off of our 1926 Buick. He is thinking of getting the split rims Powder coated. If we were going to get them powder coated should the rim be together or split? Also how do you install a new tire on to the split rim? We have also found our right rear wheel spokes are loose. He said the spokes that go into the rim seem to be smaller than all the other spokes on the other wheels. Any recommendations on repair for this wheel. We are in Peoria, AZ. Any advice would be great.
  2. Trying to learn about the switches broken on our 1926 Buick. What do the two switches do? Also trying to figure out what all the levers do on the steering wheel.
  3. I have been reading that the distributor on the 1926 master six distributor housing is made of pot medal. Is there a distributor housing that is not made of pot medal?
  4. On my 1926 Buick model 47 there seems to be a tow bar. Is it a tow bar? It is bolted around the pipe that is behind the spare tire. It swings up and down on the bar and looks to be bent down.
  5. This is what the average tire looks like now.
  6. Wondering if you still have these for sale? If so could you part away with just the tires?
  7. If the specs says 6.00-21. How narrow could the tires go to still fit the rims?
  8. Looking for 6.00-21 tires. Can be used but needs to be good enough to push the car in and out of the garage. Not going to be used for the road.
  9. Wondering if anyone has good old tires. We just need the tires to push the car in and out of the garage. Not for use on the road.
  10. My father and I just received 1926 Buick model 47 master six. The tires on it now is Goodyear’s 6 x 21. Is that the correct tire size for this car? Also when looking up sizes is 6 = 600?
  11. Does steering a 1926 Buick from the outside while it gets towed count?
  12. Today on Christmas Eve my dad and I received a 1926 Buick Master Six. Bought new from my great great grandfather.
  13. Should I removed the engine head before I try rotating the engine?
  14. Thanks for the awesome reply. I sure am glad you have great details. I am going to try my hardest not to break anything. Also I forgot to add. We will start with the easy free/labor stuff first. Learn as much as possible and free up the motor and get it running. Change oils and do adjustments. All in all get it running and enjoy it as is until we decide how much we want to restore it. Leaving it as original as possible.
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