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  1. John Lynn I would really appreciate contact information for Jim Davis or you can give him mine. I have seen two of his Davises in the Hemmings newsletter. I thought it was the continental 7R but the first letters in the motor number are 7u The age of this car the make and motor are all new to me. I fell into the opportunity to buy the car now I’m just enjoying the ride.
  2. The Davis last ran in 2016 when it was parked. I purchased it in April 2018 but was not able to go pick it up until August. I found out after that how rare this car is. It has survived with all of its original equipment except for four of the five tires and it also looks to have an aftermarket fuel pump. And brake lights were added. I tell you all of that to reply to your question I have not even attempted to start it yet from all appearances when I get the points it should start and run fine I only have a few pictures right now with me that do it justice. I will get more pictures soon and post them. The small collage of pictures that I added are from the original owner and our approximately 20 yr old I will get better pictures of the Moto meter for you Years old
  3. The restorations you guys are doing to those vehicles are outstanding
  4. I am looking for points and rotor if anybody has any information it would be greatly appreciated
  5. It’s great to find this form on the Davis. I just purchased a 1922 from a gentleman who has owned it for the past 65 years I never heard of a Davis until I saw this one It is in remarkably good original condition. This picture I shared is right after I pulled it out of the barn