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  1. If you go to Seattle and want to see it you can ride the ferry to Belfair where the car is being stored. Bremerton ferry.
  2. I don’t understand exactly what you are saying. The original title I saw 1935. The title has since been lost but I do confirm it’s a 35. Proof is another story.
  3. Who is he and would he give new life to this thing?
  4. I will have to provide better lighting for the interior pictures. But yes the car is whole. Same velour gold interior. Solid to my untrained eye. Doors open and close and I have a repair manual from the decade. Very tattered but cool
  5. It started up once upon a time. but now sits lifeless everything seems solid I’m not an expert either. I’m looking at getting 2000 out of it. Just enough to recover storage costs this last year. There is interest in it though since it’s complete. Hopefully someone will give it new life. Thank you for the time you gave to get back to me.
  6. What’s this worth. Borescope showed good cylinders. Needs work but it’s complete. Any info is greatly appreciated or offer. I’m tired of being the one someone takes advantage of so your help is greatly needed
  7. Hi guys. Anyone help me with placing a value on this classic. Anyone interested
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