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  1. Just a follow up to say we didn't get much further with this, Austin had a photo of Doug Copley on a Renault but no information on our car, we also found paperwork from Mr Copley's entrance to a hill climb in 1934 (We have since discovered this must have been mixed up in the paperwork when my granddad bought the car as it isn't related!) but we thought we found more! We also contacted Veteran Car Club UK and they plan to publish it in an upcoming issue to see if any other members may be able to shed light on it. "In the 1930s, 40s and 50s primitive cars were often worth more as scrap than as cars, especially if they were incomplete, and VCC members would salvage them and keep them safe until someone could be found who would restore and care for them. I would guess that your car could well fall into that category. While some cars, especially those from ‘established’ manufacturers, were and are readily identifiable, there were dozens of smaller manufacturers who’s products are much harder to name. " This also could be a final update as we've since had a family discrepancy regarding ownership so this may no longer be our mystery to follow. Thank you all for the help in any regard.
  2. Thank you all for your replies, I've sent Austin an email to hear his thoughts as well, no luck finding the engine so far however we've yet to do a deep dive, I'd hoping we might find something tucked away somewhere however my father isn't as sure. Either way I'll update the thread with any more information we find
  3. As promised, the latest update as follows.. I found the orignal owner (However still unsure on make/model if any) was Mr Douglas Copley however the image is clearer and in it's orignal form: It mentions he owned it and it has some history, still digging!
  4. No engine as far as we are aware, although we have yet to search the garage (The car belonged to my grandfather, who passed 30 some years ago) and since it's been inside untouched, we haven't seen any documents as yet. We've contacted a local Birmingham museum to see if they can shed any light on it
  5. Thank you very much for the input, I've created an account over there so we'll see what comes, appreciate the time to reply
  6. I was wondering if there is anyone who is able to help me with a bit of knowledge regarding this motor vehicle (This is a UK based one so I'm unsure if AACA can help, I've reached out to some UK contacts to see if they can shed any light!) In a nutshell my grandfather always loved and tinkered around with veteran and vintage cars, his lifetime ambition was to build up enough money to go on the London to Brighton with a Di dion or something but unfortunately that never happened. My dad died 30 years ago but a few years before he got poorly, he saw an advert in one of the many magazines at the time he used to get for a “horseless carriage” down in Hastings, UK and he bought one and he brought it home on a trailer on a wet windy day He did what he could do to it, got the solid tyres replaced and cleaned and painted cogs and gears and things. The engine or bits of he said wasn’t the right one for it and looked for ages for (I think a stationery water cooled engine with the pipe that runs around the outside, belt drive inside to a cog on the outside to drive the rear wheel with a wooden block as a brake. It came with an old picture of a man sat on it obviously not a running vehicle at the time, I think it would have been out of a local paper or something because there was some writing with it claiming it was (We don't seem to be able to find that photo/brochure so we're running from memory) “Mr Doug Copley sat on what was believed to be Birmingham’s first motor car!” I think attempts have been made in the past to try and find out about it but now we are in a modern computerised world and sadly grandma have passed at 99 but it has been in my mums care for over 30 years since my dad passed. So, if anyone can point me in any direction it'd be much appreciated! We are just wanting to get some more back story! Thanks