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  1. No it was pretty simple to get it running. I cleaned everything first then went through all the fluids, cleaned the tank, carb., points, plugs,.... Once I got the fuel system primed it fired right up on the original plugs and wires.
  2. Thanks for those links Stanley, I had seen the Sotheby’s but not the Proxibid. i was the idiot for the Biddergy. Sure makes me wonder what the hell Marvin was notarizing - bunch of BS basically. I did get a response back from Greenfield Village, said they would look into it. it will be interesting to see if that part of the story is even true. I will post after they reply again.
  3. Well there are only 2 Harroun car known to exist. Here is the other one. I think I might just be crazy enough to take on the restoration challenge.
  4. Well crap, where were you guys prior to me hitting that “place Bid” button? i knew it, things didn’t add up with me either. if this actually was what the auction company was claiming well then it needed to be in a museum not at a small auction in Michigan. I just sent the Greenfield Village Museum an email asking if they have any knowledge of this piece. Ya I know, probably should have done that prior to my winning bid. I have two thoughts; The story is either total BS or maybe it was sent back to the factory for a total restoration at a much later date.
  5. I know it’s probably a long shot. Does anyone have an American Bosch key with the #17 on it?
  6. Anyone interested in an interesting part of Henry Ford history? I have a 1895 Hoopes, Bro & Darlington Buck Wagon. It was originally built for Henry Ford’s brother John in 1895. Later gifted to Henry and then displayed in Greenfield Village. $8,000.00 Todd Harroun Kalamazoo, MI
  7. I tried to contact the Wayne Museum but no reply? i will have to reach out to the Jackson Museum. Thank you, Todd
  8. Wow that’s a great picture you have found. Here is a picture of my 1919 Harroun. it sure does look close. Frame and fenders are exact. Cowl, windshield, hood, and radiator are a bit different though. Dusty might be right on this one, maybe an early test mule / prototype. Also look at the front springs, I don’t have whatever that is attached outside of the spring. Ray Harroun is not one of the guys in the photo. I need to look through my old pictures and see if I can identify them. Todd Harroun Kalamazoo, MI.
  9. Too bad it’s not a 1951, that would be a find. ‘Looks more like a 1961.
  10. Jon, can you send me your email address? My father is searching for a nice 75-79 Lincoln Todd
  11. In search of a Harroun Spring Bumper. Todd Harroun Kalamazoo, MI.
  12. Well it only took me 30 years to find it, I bought it at the RM Auction. i got it all cleaned up, went through it mechanically, new tires, and it’s back on the road. The lady in the second picture is the surviving member of the family that cared for it for 100 years. Todd Harroun Kalamazoo, MI.
  13. Here ya go. 1919 Harroun. Todd Harroun Kalamazoo, MI.
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