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  1. yes used it in the front floor , you can try Mac Blair too he has lots of 32 Buick items
  2. check out WEST SYSTEMS they have it all and the finish will last forever
  3. check into a 32 Buick rumble seat floor mat , Bob's Buck parts in Calf. I used one cut down for my 32 Pontiac coupe they have ribs and the fisher body logo on them.
  4. would be interested in anything pertaining to 1932 Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Chevrolet i
  5. Still haven't gotten mine yet ! Bethlehem Pa
  6. Thanks to all for the info. I was able to track down some material thu McMaster Carr
  7. I looked at them they are too small and have flat edge after dome
  8. Looking for screen inserts for dual trumpet horns on 32 Pontiac same as Chevy and Olds s.s. steel size is 1-7/8" with slight cup and edge to hold them in Anyone out there know where to locate them? I&I Reproductions in Calf. had them years ago but I tried them several times and got no response.
  9. any water pumps or kits for 32 Pontiac split head 6 cyl
  10. thanks for the pic mine are in a little better shape the red was repainted
  11. thanks for the idea checked no luck with them
  12. Indian Head feathers go past red circle
  13. looking for hubcaps for 32 pontiac steel spoke wheels I heard someone use to repo. them ?
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