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  1. 190 bear I will likely do some drawings as well. I was so thankful to a gentleman who drew plans for my c cab roof frame. Br T
  2. Mercer09 I think you might be missing the point. I could buy a 100 pt restoration that would definitely save tons of time and prevent me from walking a swap meet with my kids from end to end. Also feel free to laugh at me while I Hand form a left rear Saxon fender to match right. ( yes it was sitting on the wrong side of the car.) I could probably buy a fender too. Sometimes in a restoration you get to the point when you have a nearly photographic memory of every part of a restoration that you touched puts your heart and soul into a car ( fights off memory loss, muscle loss as an added bonus). Now you share this restoration with your son or daughter or grandchild and they may learn and have a memory never forgotten. Maybe a lesson of life is learned in the process builds character. Per chance as the kid grows they pick cars as a hobby over drugs or video games and god willing they will not spend their time writing comments of little value on blogs diminishing the value add of a communication forum to a group developed specific to supporting your fellow (car nut :) hobbyists.( yes I creeped on your posts) Hard lessons learned: At 15 years old I restored a Ford Falcon ( 4 door) and the lesson learned from this was simple a Falcon fender costs the same to restore ( with fabricated components) as a numbers match big block muscle car with factory ac and a four speed) Credit -(Special Thanks to the nameless older fellow with the split window vette and if I can recall the B400 Murray body Model A from NJ) And yes I build low dollar original Model T ford belly buttons for an absurd reason to share old cars with people who appreciate them and save parts from the junk yard that can make a lower income family a nice driver. This all all said maybe I should take your advice a buy something nicer to start with any suggestions on what you think I should buy? To the rest of the group thanks for your awesome support! Sorry for the errors omissions poor grammar and sentence structure but I’m doing talk to text. And I tried to make the best of all things we can learn from each other! ;) T
  3. I’m all ears! I know the search will be difficult to find the Quantity of Items I need to pull this together. But I’m game. I will post Pictures of the progress as I cross milestones on this adventure in restoration.
  4. Jan Thanks so much for your reply. I have not done much searching around here as yet. Yes there’s a few years worth of work there lol. I like building something out of nothing. There’s boxes of parts with it that said I have no Idea if the parts are true Saxon parts or not. Br
  5. Hello, I just posted a similar topic in parts wanted. I’m new to Saxons and this forum so I hope this entry is ok. Looking for parts or someone who needs wood for a Saxon. I’m reproducing the wood for the interior framed and can make two sets. T
  6. I recently acquired a 1916 Saxon No engine, Transmission or axles though I have the transmission housing. I am am starting the wood work as I look for parts. As I found an engine in MN I wanted to ask how likely is it to find the transmission drive shaft etc or does anyone have such spares laying around. Also as I build the wood parts does anyone have an interest in a set of wood replacement parts for the interior framework? I could make two sets while I’m building mine. Alternately I may sell the whole car if someone else has what’s needed to save this car. Thanks T