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  1. Roger: thanks again for your input. I'm off this week and will try to give you a call. Thanks, Jeff
  2. I am the current caretaker of Barney Oldfield's last ride -- a 1928 Buick County Club Coupe. It has optional A4 Buffalo wire wheels and the front driver's side locking spinner has been loose for some time and has wore down the brass to where it will not hold the wheel in place tight enough. I need a driver's side if anyone has one. In the photos you can see how it is worn. There is also a shot of the one on the rear wheel so you can see what it is supposed to do.
  3. I need the curved rear quarter side glass for the passenger side for a 1957 or 1958 Mercury station wagon. I have a 1957 Commuter two door wagon but it's the same glass on all 57 and 58 wagons. Any help would be appreciated.
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