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  1. Hey all I haven’t gave up we just had to shut it down for a bit till this plague blows through. Should be back to work on it in a few weeks I hope
  2. Next on deck. Brakes and getting the wheels put back together and new tires on so it can be rolled down to the other shop do a little body work and lots of clean up and sanding and a little paint. Those mechanical breaks are no joke. Lots more to them than you realize. The lining was garbage so bought new from Myers Early Dodge and new rivets. Gonna have to replace a couple springs which Myers carries as well. We decided to take one apart at a time just to use the other for reference. The emergency break and moving pets inside were quite froze up. Larry got the whole system apart and blasted a
  3. I was really hoping to save the top but it just wasn’t possible. Both outer rails were badly rotted. Three of the ribs were broken. Most of the top strips were loose with several broken. So off she came, loaded into the truck and headed for the wood shop! The same friend that did the beautiful job on the back doors is also doing a whole new top! I’m excited to see it when done!
  4. This truck sure turned out to be a much bigger project than I had anticipated! I would like to stop here and say THANK YOU to all my friends for the help and support I have gotten with this truck! It would never be where it is now without all of them! I’d also like to say to all of you. The next time somebody walks by and asks a question (no matter how stupid you think it is) or says nice job or wants to show you what they have, give them two seconds of your time. I all to often have been snubbed at tractor shows by some of the big boys thinking. The attitude of what a stupid question, or they
  5. This was a pleasant surprise. Took a DA sander and wore wheel to the body. There’s a lot of original blue paint under all that filth. I think it’s gonna get a good go over and clear. I like ol Norman’s patina. There’s something to be said about original. It only original once!
  6. This is what I decided for the floors and bed. The floors and bed were both rotted badly. I couldn’t decide what wood I wanted to use. I had a few black walnut cut out of my front yard and had the pleasure of using a friends Minneapolis steam engine and saw mill to process the logs. The boards have been drying for two years. Gonna go through the stack this weekend and pick out the boards I want. Get them ready for the planer. I’m sure original was ash or white oak but I don’t have a stock pile of ash or white oak and not everybody gets to say those birds right there cane from my front yard and
  7. All put together restored, rebuilt and painted this was a big day for me! There are so many little things I’m skipping over in these posts but if something seems like it’s out of sequence it because I just found pictures or remembered something I forgot to share. Like I said before I’m just trying to get everyone up to date so I can do a weekly post instead of a daily post
  8. The oil pump rebuild. Not quite sure how that oil pump was ever pumping anything. It was so plugged with sludge. The new gasket we made for it turned out quite well and then a pic of it installed!
  9. A couple more pictures of the wheels I’m quite proud of them. I threw a tire and cap on just to see what it was gonna look like! They are not as dark as they look in the last two pics but I love the color!
  10. The windows are out. Haven’t replaced the glass yet but yes I am. I kinda didn’t want to but everybody scared me into it. The window frames need some love anyway. They were froze right up but we got them moving. They are getting a complete rebuild. Also after talking to several people apparently the vacuum windshield wiper bodies that were that trash pot metal are all destroyed and finding a good usable one is next to impossible. And isn’t not something we can rebuild so it’s getting a hand operated wiper. Already purchased one.
  11. Tail light was stuck, couldn’t get the cover off and it was filthy. Gave it a week long soak and bang she popped apart! Got it all cleaned up and reworked it. Got it working like a jewel now!
  12. This steering wheel started as a mess and turned out beautifully another one I lost track of hours on polishing and sanding and sanding and sanding some more then coating with the same pecan stain and Spar. I couldn’t be happier!
  13. Started with a filthy grease, dirt and oil covered mess. I see why it costs so much to have somebody refinish wood spoke wheels. I lost track of hours a long time ago. there are lots of hours into sanding and cleaning. this from start to finish... I chose to keep the wood grain and use spar on them. I researched many different product all having good and bad. This was what I chose. I love the look. The amount of time and energy spent on these wheels in uncountable!
  14. Got the Delco Remy Corp. Klaxon 18B horn back together and tuned after I took it apart and sandblasted and knocked all the dents out and straightened it up. Larry tuned it and filed the points. Sounds pretty damn good! It’s gonna get a coat of gloss black paint and she’s ready for Norman!
  15. Pulled the trans and did a complete run down on it and pulled the little brake controller apart that was froze up and cleaned it all up. Works like a charm now! Surprisingly the trans was in great shape!
  16. I got to hear the starter turn over on a battery. The middle bearing was trashed. More garbage pot metal. Larry machined a new one, cleaned it up and she works as good as new now! One step closer to hearing Norman run!
  17. Took the old rotted running boards to a friends shop and he fabricated up some new ones. They turned out beautifully. we mocked up the newly bent pieces and came up with a plan. Larry drilled and welded them during the week and then cut them to size today! They couldn’t look any better. Seriously they look exactly to a T like the originals and so much better than the rotted hole filled ones that were on it. Now I need to find linoleum matting to put on top of them before the trim goes on. which I think I found from Battleship Linoleum. They look awesome! I painted the frame, front axels, and s
  18. Picked up this awesome original advertising mailer for 9 bucks! Not one other bidder😳. Advertising the new powerful fast four Dodge Brothers engine and Graham Brothers trucks to go with the other one I found last year. Both are gonna look awesome framed to display with the truck!
  19. Well it’s official, the race engine got its heart back yesterday. The master race engine builder Larry Middlebrook showed me how to clean up the cylinders, taught me how to put the rings on the pistons “without breaking them”, and insert the pistons into the cylinders and attach them to the crank. It was a big step in the forward motion of bringing Norman back to life. We couldn’t get rings for the pistons without buying brand new pistons. My pistons were in great shape so there was no need to spend all that money. Larry figured out that Ford Model A rings would work great if he put the piston
  20. Oh I skipped one of the steps. Larry put the pistons in the lathe and turned down the ring grooves so we can fit it with model A rings. We can’t find original rings anywhere without buying new pistons and Norman’s are really nice. Motor is going back together nicely. Larry said there crank was a little tight so Curt Connors stopped over and helped figure out what was up. Waiting for rings to come in. Chasis saver is gonna go on probably this week. I’m finally getting low on parts and pieces in the engine compartment and front end to clean and get ready for paint which is a good feeling.also s
  21. It’s just an old Graham Brothers hubcap to some but to me it was one more piece of the puzzle that I needed. This one just came in the mail from a guy in New Jersey and has just the perfect original patina for old Norman! These GB “Graham Brothers” caps seem to be quite hard to find! And the last picture is all of them after a good blast and buff on the wheel! In between everything else that was going on. I at home in my dining room have been spending countless hours on the wood wheels and steering wheel sanding and staining and shellacking. Wait till you see those beauties but I’ll save that
  22. Do you happen to have a picture of what they look like?
  23. Another Larry special! The water pump that needed to be rebuilt and get a new shaft. The shaft was worse than the picture looks. It was hogged out in the middle from the graphite packing rubbing on it for so many years. I was gonna buy the shaft and propeller and Larry said we don’t need to do that. He said he could add some weld to it and run it in the lathe and bring it back to size. Looks damn good! Another amazing job by Larry!
  24. Also at this point I wire wheeled the block, oil pan, flywheel cover, and all other engine parts to prep for primer and paint The fast four is coming together. Big day today for Norman. Block and everything that is going to be the original mintish green color is almost ready for paint, most of the black parts are painted. Larry went to town on the engine today. tomorrow the oil pump is gonna get finished up with its new gasket thanks to Curt and the carburetor is going together. Engine should be ready to start priming painting back to the original DB green except the manifold will be ceramic
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