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  1. Sorry Larry, it’s a 4 cylinder, I’m told that’s a D34. Is that correct? I ended up with the 1916 McLaughlin car and it’s going to be a large project. I have parts of 2 engines and don’t know yet if either is free or seized. I have located a few things such as steering wheel, headlights , etc., but will need engine parts and at least two wood spoke wheels and 2 steel demountable rims. If anyone knows of available parts for this car I would appreciate a lead. Thanks Art
  2. I’m in Ontario Canada. I have a restored 1913 McLaughlin now and hoping to get the 1916. It is a “barn find” with several other old cars and in pretty rough shape. The engine is missing the head, but the owner claims to have another complete engine. I think it is a D45, it’s left hand drive, the 1913 is right hand.
  3. Yes, I have the wheels. Thanks fir thatt information.
  4. Parts needed for 1916 McLaughlin - headlights - lower windshield panel - wood spoke wheels - possibly other parts
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