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  1. Just curious. Could it be Ethanol that's causing the problem ? I put on a new old stock ( really old ) fuel pump on my '35 which lasted about 100 miles. Replaced the fuel pump diaphragm with one made from Nitrile which is supposed to work with the ethanol in the gas.
  2. I have a NOS Stewart Warner 6 volt 60 to 240 temperature gage Will any 6 volt temperature sending unit work correctly with this gage or do I have to have a sending unit specifically for 60 to 240 ? The temperature reading does not have to be 100% accurate but I would like a relative reading to see if the engine starts to overheat . Thanks,
  3. Does anyone know how to remove skins from hubcaps without damaging the skin ? Hubcaps with skins were used on mid-thirties Hudson, Terraplane, Chevrolet, and possibly others. Have small dents in the hubcaps that could be easily fixed if the skin could be removed. Any tips or suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks, Bill Johnson
  4. Mark Shaw. The decal transfer makes sense for the wood grain dashes decades ago. I know the modern processes involves dipping , ink transfer using silicone roller, etc But the process used years ago had to be fairly fast to keep up with the production line. Also, it does not make sense to me to paint and wood grain a dash and then weld it to the body. Thanks -- Hope some knows an old timer who actually performed the process years ago. I would really like to know the detailed process.
  5. How was the wood grain finish applied in the old days ? I know there are techniques today but during production during the '30's the process must have been fairly fast because cars were built on assembly lines. I cannot believe they were hand painted because that would require very, very good artists !
  6. Want radio for 1935 Hudson Zenith 680 or RCA H-6
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