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  1. The car is actually black. Must have been a good picture day. Point taken on the terminology. Thank you for the correction.
  2. I would agree with that. I drained and refilled the transmission and rear differential after reading through member's recommendations and most of the oil I put in the transmission ended up on the floor. And, no, it wasn't from not putting the drain plug back in. Did that once a long time ago. I've attached some pictures of my Buick. This is the day we got it home 1 year ago. I believe it to be mostly original. Interior is original as is most of the glass although it appears to have new rubber around the windshield and rear glass. The rear glass has a We Support Roosevelt bumper sticker in it a
  3. Thanks for the replies and information.
  4. Hello everyone. I'm a fairly new owner of a 1937 Buick Special 47. My car runs and drives and I've been reading through some of the forum posts for information and this site is great. Very helpful. I have a couple questions. The torque tube is leaking at the transmission and I want to make sure I'm correct that I need to pull the rear end and move it backwards to complete this repair? My second question is about the trunk handle. Mine was not working when I purchased the car and I bought one from eBay that I found. I also appears to be too short and I read here that the 47 has a longer stem. D
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