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  1. Thanks for the tip. I didn't know if you could scuff the chrome enough to get the paint to adhere. I will consult with my paint supplier and may use a single stage for the end caps. Enjoy seeing your progress pictures.
  2. Your paint is looking great! I can only hope that mine is half as good. I have a question as to how you handled the end caps for the fuel tank. I see that you masked the edges. Was the flat surface on your end caps chromed? Mine have been re-chromed and I am wondering how to prepare for paint. Any tips? Looking forward to seeing your project as it gets closer to completion.
  3. My son and I painted a '67 Volkswagen in a booth similar to what you have constructed. We had a large shop area and were able to construct an 18'x18' area with 8' walls, ceiling joists. door, and lighting. A filter system similar to the one you pictured was on each side. We used four box fans mounted in the upper corners. The walls and ceiling were covered with heavy mil plastic and seams sealed with cardboard strips. It was for a one time use and very temporary as the lease on the shop was about to end.
  4. The pics that you posted show the area in question. This is the best view and explanation that I have seen. Looks like the offset tapers approximately 2" and the amount of the offset in the front view is a little more than a 1/10". Thanks, this will help a lot.
  5. Been following as a guest watching your progress. Great workmanship! I have a '53 that I picked-up as a project that someone else started. New wood frame and sheet metal came with the car. I'm trying to install sheet metal and hope that you can help with a question. I noticed in the picture of your blasted front quarter panel that there is slight offset along the front top corner. What are the dimensions of this offset on the panel? I can see that at the front it is about the thickness of the scuttle panel and tapers to zero. My panels are flat in this area and I need to recreate this feature.
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