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  1. Thank you @Hemi Dude and @Reaper1 We were able to get the bolt out today once we had room, using an air compressor and turning the torque converter slightly
  2. @Hemi Dude The timing belt is new, as of today we were able to successfully detach the torque converter and moved the tranny an inch using longer bolts still attached with the engine and tranny supported. The converter didn't move and the bolt didn't drop. We think the converter needs to move toward the engine enough for the bolt to drop. How far can we safely move the converter? 1/2 inch? The top dead center on the cam pulley and flex plate and converter are marked.
  3. Again thanks for the heads up about the torque converter!We feel it’s best to move the transmission with the torque converter separated from the flywheel/flex plate. We are going to use floor jacks to support the engine and transmission. Do you think we are on the right track? And we are also looking for a tool to tension the timing belt. The blue manual suggests c-4703... I have only found it online for around 90 bucks. Does anyone know where I can rent this tool or have different ideas? I have called a few dealerships, but they don’t have it. I am in the Denver, Colorado area
  4. Today is the first chance i have had to work on it since Tuesday. I will keep in mind removing the flex plate to converter bolts. We are also changing the struts, all belts (including timing) while we are here and she is at 50,000 miles.I think we we were planning on supporting the engine with a floor jack. I will check back in when i see her again today and update whats going on.
  5. Help! I am wondering what to do when a bolt goes down into the bell housing near the transmission? My dad and I were replacing the valve cover gasket when my dad accidentally dropped a bolt from the valve cover into the bell housing. We tried to see if we can get it to fall out at the bottom where an inspection plate is... but it doesn't have enough room to fall it appears. We are trying to see if we can move the transmission over 1-1 1/2 inches to allow room for it to fall hopefully! Its a 89 TC with the 8 valve Turbo II engine. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated! I have included a pic, if looking from the front of the car...this would be to the right of the engine.