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  1. I have had limited luck with the with news papers and such( Hopefully because I am new to this and I am not exactly sure where to look, yet). It just so happens that I am a Quinsler and have some pics that are not online and some stuff on the Quinsler and Company letterhead however as far as i remember ( I will be going back through all of the paper work and documents i have soon, to make sure i have not missed anything) nothing mentions sizes or dimensions on it. The game is most certainly afoot!
  2. I have not, thank you for the suggestion!
  3. I am pretty sure they do not exist anymore, and if by some miracle one does it would be far to expensive for me to obtain. I looked into trying to build one but there are only a few pics online and and no blueprints that I can find.
  4. Hello everyone, I am looking for some information on the Quinsler Gasoline Car, Produced by Quinsler & Co. in 1904. I am sure there were only a handful ever made, and very little info is available that I can find, however it still intrigues me.
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