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  1. Thanks Ronnie! Will investigate this as well and let you know.
  2. Thanks for the recommendation Buick City. I also generally suspect it might be related to the fuel pump. However - after 27 years of my original fuel pump working fine - I had to replace it about three years ago (at a national garage chain). So, either the "new" fuel pump they put in was (is) faulty - or it is a combination of a number of things that is creating the challenge or causing a new fuel pump to fail again within three years. Received a number of great recommendations in the forum and will pass on a local mechanic as we further troubleshoot.
  3. Thanks for the forum insight and key code suggestion B Jake Moran. I appreciate your recommendation and will pass on to a local mechanic as we further troubleshoot the problem.
  4. Thanks for the insight and recommendation rogold99. This morning I tried cycling the key "on" and "off" five times without engaging the starter. But it did not work. Only after second attempt after engaging the starter (about 10 seconds after initial attempt) did the car start. I had similar problems about three years ago and had the fuel pump replaced by a national garage chain. It's possible that the "new" pump they installed was (is) faulty or weakened by another factor, as you mentioned above. Have also run several fuel injector system cleaners through my car over this past year with
  5. Have owned and operated my Reatta for 30 years. For 28 years had no problem starting the car. However, about one year ago, my Reatta started having problems when attempting to start. Have noticed the following: 1. Car now fails to start on first attempt 99% of the time, when attempting to start IF the car has sat overnight or engine has been off for 2+ hours. The battery is strong. When turning the key, the starter strongly attempts to turn over the engine (as normal). 2. To get the car to start: After first failed attempt to start, I have to turn the key
  6. Have owned and operated my 1990 Buick Reatta for 30 years as my only car. This past summer the AC hose went bad. Took to a radiator specialist but he is having difficulties fixing the system. His words: “the problem I am having is that the factory hoses are not designed to be re-crimped. The ferrule on the original AC lines is built into the line. When we removed the original AC line and replaced the ferrule and crimped the new hose, we are unable to get a proper seal on the hose.” After three attempts at getting a proper seal, the refrigerant leaks out within minutes. Greatly appreciat
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