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  1. Thank you guys for the input. All are brand new. I’m not a Studenaker guy so I’ve ask one of the guys in our car club to at and offer his advise as for sale price and try and repost I know someone is dying for these some where and I’m wanting to move them. 812 564 0657 is my number again, appreciate all your help. And will check back as soon. Jerry
  2. Yes, as this was my cousins car and it was running 3 years ago but he took it completely apart and passed away with parts strung all over with nothing tagged. I’ve loaded u-haul truck and now have it all over my garage to try and put together
  3. Thank you, the #3 and #8 are hard to see difference
  4. Lots of new trim parts my cousin has left from his project. Will not separate only sell all. Thank you
  5. I just started work on a 1937 Buick coupe and was able to identify engine is a 1949 ohv straight 8 and the rear end is a 10 bolt from a 57 to 64. Have not been able to identity this number above on transmission yet. Eyes not that good but believe I have it correct. Any help will be appreciated
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