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  1. I have an original...never knew what it was for lol
  2. No shift Linkage but I have the shift forks. They aren't photoed
  3. Ohio area. I have an 1971 road race T/A a833 transmission. Gears or either NOS or rebuilt not sure. Feel free to email me bestpriceohio@gmail.com
  4. Im sure I can find the bracket and mirror quickly but it'll take some digging to find the medallion Though I know I have it because I spent a bit of time trying to figure out what it was...lol just now figured out what it is when I saw your post.
  5. Such a strange name for such a strange bulb. Thank you good sir! Have been wondering for a couple days
  6. Found these in my pile of bulbs I just got off eBay...no idea what they are too. I want to almost say it looks like something that goes in a vintage engine tester probe light They say Tung Sol NO. 211 are they vacuum tubes?
  7. I have a heater that works. Kinda has a art deco style to it. Masterflo I do believe. Anyways it work and holds water...just needs a paint job Pm me if interested
  8. I may have all three minus the mount for the mirror. What size is it?
  9. I have a bunch of old brass carb parts. But I don't know off the top of my head what they go to. Is it a long pill shaped bowl? Maybe donut shaped with or without hole in middle...I think I may even have a nos rebuild kit too
  10. Well you know what they say...ain't nothing better than a nice book on a rainy day lol thanks a lot again it was starting to drive me insane.
  11. Thank you!!!! Thank you soooo much I have been looking for 3/4 hours straight now. How do you search a discontinued part like just did?
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