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  1. G'day Stuart Wow, looks magnificent! I'm in Shepparton, Victoria, so a bit away from all the action. I've seen about 3 55s pass through here, although there is a 55 Century 2 door about 1km up the road from me in a shed - the owner says he is going to turn it into a rat-rod, but I'm trying to persuade him not to. No motor, but the car seems complete and fairly rust free, although there is a bullet hole in the rear side window, at least that's what he says it is. Thanks for the offer - I have sourced several parts already from other forum members in the US and they have been great, but I'm sure I will need more at the project progresses. One thing: my car came with a piece of side trim for the left door that is the right length, but not the correct width - it is thinner that the corresponding piece it butts into. I've sourced a replacement, but now have this left over and would like to pass it on - is this a model difference (Super vs Special) or a year difference (55 vs say 54 or 56?) - its the one on the right in the attached photo. Cheers, George
  2. Thanks Rodney, I'll add some more pics when there's something worth posting. HAve a shed project on the go at te moment so the car is on hold. Cheers, George
  3. G'day Rodney Many thanks, I am enjoying the ride. Have a bit of a hold on the resto at the moment, given the even lousier exchange rate, but will get back into it soon when I find a little more time. I have redone the engine with the help of parts from several contacts in the US - they have been great. I'll have to attack something that doesn't need parts from the US next - I'm thinking some body prep might be the go. Cheers, George
  4. Thanks Barney. I joined the BCA last year and have already made several contacts for info and parts - they have been very helpful, as have my contacts through this forum. Would very much like to attend a meet in the US, but this will have to be a long term wish, as any overseas trip right now is not on my radar. Maybe when the kids move out and are on their own! Cheers, George
  5. G'day Dave - do you still have parts for sale? I'm after the following for a 55 Special convertible: Side stainless trim - the piece between the door and the wheel arch on the passenger side Window channels for the front door glass for both sides If you have any of these parts I would be very interested. Many thanks, George Bitcon
  6. Hello I'm restoring a 55 model 46C and need some parts: Passenger side trim between the door and wheel arch Pinchweld around the back of the cabin where the top attaches Rear side window pivot brackets, both sides Speedo Wiper control bezel Door window winder tracks both sides If you have any of these then I'm a buyer! Many thanks! Cheers, George
  7. Thanks Larry! No, will be keeping it left hand drive. No need to swap to right hand drive here if the car is over 25 years old and the Buick definitely qualifies!
  8. Hello to all. I'm new to this forum (any forum!), so doing the intro thing. My name is George and I live in Australia. I have a 1955 Buicck Special Convertible in advanced stages of being dismantled, pending reassembly when all the required innards are where they need to be in the condition they need to be in. I have this photo of my car when it was in New Jersey in probably the late 80s or early 90s. I intend restoring it back to it's original colours as I think they look fantastic. This is not a common car here, although I have seen a handful of hardtops and coupes, but no other convertibles - I like having something unique. A few parts are still missing for the car, but I have had some luck with eBay and the Buick club newsletter and my contacts have been very friendly. Pity about the exchange rate between the $US and $AU. I still have time up my sleeve to find the parts I need, although will welcome any offers if they come up! I love classic cars and have a 1965 Mustang convertible and also my first car, a 1968 Holden Kingswood. Looking forward to learning more and being part of this forum. Cheers, George
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