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  1. The tank that is in it somebody already put blobs of some sort of patch crud on it. Its literally all over the tank so that's why I'm searching for a new tank. I will certainly look into tanks thank you for that name drop. This is my first restoration project and I believe I picked a doozy. Thank you for the information.
  2. Hello, everyone I keep running into parts issues, with my 1938 pontiac six. Im currently looking for a fuel tank so that i can get this beautiful gal on the road longer than around the block. Ive seen a few from summit that are the right dimensions but not sure if sending unit and everything else would work. Does anyone know of a tank that will work in the correct location, or point me in the right direction. I appreciate all the help and knowledge.
  3. Does anyone know an interchangeable fuel tank I could use for my 38? I recently found my fuel tank has a group of pin holes in that drips on to the tail pipe. I appreciate any and all information.
  4. I appreciate that, it cruises now on or around 45-50 with no problem, other than the miss while throttling when warmed up. I want and need reliably. I appreciate all the advice
  5. So I pulled the advance off the carb to the vacuum on Distributor and the arm doesn’t move when I tryd to pull vacuum. I honestly want to leave it stock. The parts are what I’m having trouble with in case I have to replace them.I really appreciate the knowledge y’all are sharing.
  6. Thank you, I have been driving it, just a few miles here and there. Runs smooth and rides like a dream, just misses when warmed up, I’m going to try new points and a new vacuum diaphragm but, other than that it’s a great car.
  7. Hello all I recently came across a 1938 Pontiac 6, and I am having an issue finding parts engine wise. I'd like to know if the engine is interchangeable with any other GM engines? The 38 has a 223 flat head 6, and I'd like to find an HEI distributor and dual carb intake for some pep. Im also looking for dash clusters or gauges, and a few interior parts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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