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  1. Thank you. The windows and headlamps sure look similar.
  2. I saw this 1927 Packard for sale in Perry, Kansas, several weeks ago and thought the design was similar to my great-grandfather’s car. The headlights are partially below the front fenders, but they look very different.
  3. The hood ornament doesn’t look like a standard Dodge Brothers hood ornament. Perhaps he could have replaced the original with a different ornament?
  4. Thanks. A local classic car museum told me they think it’s a Stearns-Knight. I’m inclined to go with your opinion. The auto in the second photo is a bit difficult to see.It looks as if there is no sun visor. Could those be removed? If it’s the same vehicle, I believe the man on the far right in both photos is my great-grandfather.
  5. The hood ornament has me puzzled. Someone said they can see “DB” on the wheels for Dodge Brothers, but my eyes must not be that good. The auto in the Second photo is probably too obscured by the people to tell if it’s the same vehicle.
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