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  1. Dear Antique Automobile Lovers, I have a complete set of Automobile Quarterly "magazines" (books really) for sale. Offer price: $1,500/OBO. They were always in bookshelves in the house; never in the attic or basement. They are in excellent condition. Featuring in-depth articles on American and European roadsters, racing cars, and classics. My sincere preference is for the set to go to someone who really enjoys cars, and not to someone who is just looking to resell them. My father passed away a year ago, August. My mother inherited an 1899 Stanley Steamer, Locomobile, but my father was the one to take it out, get the engine warmed up with a blow torch, get it going, drive it, and stop to refill the water for more steam. They lived in New Jersey and took it to visit Atlantic City and all the way to Maine one summer. As a part of the closing of their estate, I sold it to a Swedish guy who had already restored 2 Stanley Steamers, but was never the owner, who was ready to buy his own. I was much more comfortable selling the lovely old "Locomobile" to someone who was searching to both rebuild and drive it. Please contact me if you are seriously interested, Bill Clarke
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