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  1. Hello again . I have been gone a while . The rear end parts are compatible from the 1915 . Thank you .
  2. Thank you . Spelling mistake . The tire size of the museum car is 31 X 4 . My guess is I need 31 inch rims not 20 inch as the size of my current tires are .
  3. The only pictures that are available are from cars on the internet . I have only seen pictures with Dort and Gray Dort with these wheels . They are 20 inch .
  4. Good afternoon ; The fenders I currently have appear to be Model A maybe . The only pictures I know of are on cars on the internet and mine do not match them . Thank you .
  5. Thank you for that info . Yes it does have a Lycombing 4 cyl. engine . I could use a couple door latches and inside door cover plates , the Diesteel wheels , headlight rings , a good crown and pinion , a good set of front fenders . The roof bar assembly would also be nice as mine has rust thru issues . The front below rad cover would also be nice but that I can get it made . Other parts as well but those the most .
  6. In need of Diesteel wheels Body and trim parts . Mechanical parts