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  1. Hello Steve, Thanks for the post, I am sure I have it assembled correct from your response fitting behind the spring. I was running good oil pressure 30/35, just had the strainer off for cleaning. I appreciate hearing your comments, big help thanks. Jim
  2. The 32 Buick is on the hoist and while I was installing the oil relief valve and spring in the oil pump under the engine a very small just over 1/8" stack of washers stuck together fell to the floor. They came with the valve and spring am I correct to assume they were above the spring inside the relief valve as a spacer for tension on the spring? I really would appreciate your comments on this. thanks much, Jim Jordan
  3. Found one, thanks for checking!
  4. I am interested Bob, I have the wire retainer.
  5. I am interested, I have the wire retainer. thanks
  6. From the album: Jim J

    '49 CDV factory std.trans.
  7. Jim J

    Jim J

    Cadillac CDV, factory std. trans.
  8. From the album: Jim J

    '49 CDV factory std. trans.
  9. From the album: Jim J

    '49 CDV factory std. trans.
  10. I need a internal short double wire lead and double contact bulb socket for one of my Buick headlights. Would appreciate any help here with the parts or junk headlamp with decent wiring. I am thinking most GM that year were the same? Thank you! Jim J.
  11. I' m guessing I will have to find a junk '32 GM headlight with a good lead and socket.
  12. 34 Chrysler CA Conv. Cpe. 318/727, Original paint
  13. One of my headlights is out on my 32 Buick. Opening it up I discovered I need the headlight double lead and socket with double contact within my light shell. I would appreciate your help on this, thank you! Jim J.
  14. Thank you raydurr!......... With the Buick on my hoist I can now see the small sleeve on top with oil portholes for the relief valve. Thanks again for the help.
  15. Removed oil pump strainer and oil pump releif valve and spring fell to floor. To assemble not sure if spring or valve is on top ? Anyone have a diagram? thank you,
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