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  1. "Beetleback" is what we used to call the 2-door sedans with sloping rear, popular GM models in late 40's. The style was resurrected in the Mustang "fastbacks" of the mid-60s. Roof sloped all the way down trunk to the back bumper.
  2. In the photo I suddenly noticed stamped "N2" in upper right corner! Any other letters or numbers are too rusted over.
  3. Anyone know what this one's from? It's 5.75" long, 2.5" wide and 2" tall.
  4. Like many things, a careful process of elimination... Thanks for the input!
  5. The base on the Buick part is only 2.5" long.
  6. I know that '47 well. My brother drove me to school in a beetle-back Roadmaster in the '50s.
  7. Thanks for the photo. That's it, alright. My specimen even still has a trace of the red paint on the edge groove.
  8. Just looked at a couple pix on Ebay-- you're exactly right.
  9. It'll be a week before I can look for numbers or markings.
  10. Ahhh-- that could explain it! The former owner of the property did some customizing here and there, had a collection of antique cars that got auctioned long before I came along and bought the place. So the base piece could be from an Olds or Pontiac, perhaps? I'll take a closer look at how the top piece was mounted to the bottom piece. Appreciate the quick analysis!
  11. Found in a creek in Missouri. Have checked many years of Buick photos and none match. Did the grooves on the side show? Anyone have some clues?