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  1. I don't think it is the Deluxe Eight. I think it may be the Eight Suburban Sedan in that it looks a little less adorned than the DeLuxe, but I think you have nailed it as a '35 Hudson. Thanks a lot.
  2. Dear TheMoneyPit, I believe you are correct! I checked some other photos of '35 Hudsons, and the 8 looks right. Thanks so very much for your help' I appreciate it. Hornguy
  3. A friend of mine asked me to identify a car in an old photo. The best means of identifying the make of vehicle would seem to be from the grill. The car certainly appears to be from the mid 1930s, but I looked at quite a few pictures of mid 1930s cars and could not a grill that looked like this one. Help most definitely would be appreciated. Thanks