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    La Salle 1934

    La Salle found in a barn in Denmark, 2018 - standing stored away since the 50`s. In 1935, a few units was send to Copenhagen, for being sold out toe Scandinavian costumers. This is one of them. Very rare. I dont know how rare this model is in US, but it seams like there is much more to find when I look for 1937 and up. I want to save this unit, and bring t into the the original glory, which it has for many years ago. For this, I need some help, and guide from people who can be at my assistance. Morten.
  2. Hi. I am restoring a rather fair old La Salle, which was found in a Danish Barn, standing since the middle of 50`s. Because of the moisty weather in Scandinavia, some parts is very rusty, and because I want to build it as original as possible, i Hereby ask for help - finding some parts. 1: Running Boards, is very rusty. I think the later models has the same type of running boards, which should expand my chance that someone might have something I could maybe buy. 2: The power seat of the rear seat is missing. Is somebody having something laying to sell? 2: The buttom, lower part of the trunk/boot is very rusty. Is there som one who might know if there is a company who has reproduced, and old parts for the metalwork for such car. 3: I need a good contact for buying whitewall tires for such car. In Denmark, they are very expensive. Kind regards, and with hopes for getting help. Yours faithfully, Mr. Stegemejer - Denmark.