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  1. This one is for sale for less than HALF that price ! Come down to Louisiana and bring a trailer .
  2. Thank you , I haven't reached out to Mr.Tacheny yet ... but was just kicking around on the computer and saw the WANTED section here ... so I thought maybe some members may have the bits I need and want to get rid of them . I like the looks of the plug cover so If I can find a replacement one I'll try to install it . I can probably make the linkage for the wiper ... but again maybe someone has a pile of parts in the corner of the garage and wants to make a few bucks. I couldn't find the knob at the ebay seller you mentioned in the other post ... he had other years but not 39 .
  3. Trying to fix this car for a friend ... on a budget . It's a 1939 buick special ... I need a headlight knob ... a spark plug cover for the engine ...and the linkage that goes between the wiper switch and the wiper motor if possible . Thanks , if anybody has any of these bits and you want to part with them let me know . Rich
  4. Finally convinced my Mom last year to get a new car ... She had a 1995 LeSabre that was the last car my Dad bought her before he passed away . We have had a lot of Buicks over the years and they were damn fine cars ... But when we went new car shopping for her is when I realized Buick no longer makes interesting cars . We got her a Chrysler 300 , and she loves it . Hemi V8 in a bona-fide rear wheel drive SEDAN. Oh , and to get back on topic , I had a 1986 GN , That was a Regal .
  5. Didn't dig into the brakes today ... decided to work on the wiring instead . Are the wires in these cars Tinned copper?
  6. Thanks again , yeah I noticed that trim piece missing but didn't mention it . This weekend I'm going to jack the car up and see what demons are hiding behind the wheels ... I just love fixing brakes 🙄 . I mentioned my power was off for 4 days ...well my road was flooded too ... just received a brake drum yesterday via UPS that I had ordered for my daily driver 66 Ford Ranchero ... swapped that out during my lunch break at work today . Yay. also ... another thing I realized was that the headlight switch that I thought was broken ... Isn't ... the knob is just missing and the stem was push
  7. Thanks Billy , I've wanted a 39 since I was a kid ... I'm just not in a position financially to purchase another project... although ...I've told myself that before .
  8. Well I got my power back on after four days of running on generator ... took the door panel off and adjusted the door stop , thanks guys... door no longer hits side mounts . passenger side still leans outboard as seen in the included pic ... I appreciate the effort to research the numbers , here's a twist for you though ... it's got a coarse grill . I suspect that it was replaced at some point do to damage . The hood trim and emblem show signs of damage ,But the sheet metal is perfect with no bondo ,so I suspect the nose was changed out from a later car ... the white paint is slightly differ
  9. 60FlatTop ... Awesome picture , is that car Black or Blue , Mine is supposed to be Rainier blue (531) which is very dark and looks black in most of the pictures I've seen . Rich
  10. I agree Ben ... I need to work with what I've got for the time being . That's good info on the wipers too 1939_Buick , I knew about the short frame and the coarse fine grill , but not the wiper change . Thanks for the bumper stop picture . Frame # 13424862 Engine# 43598689
  11. Thanks , I will get the panels off and see whats going on in there . I need to get it on stands and inspect the brakes and see what parts it needs to get them working.
  12. here's a photo of the data plate you asked for ... in regards to the door restrictions the car has them and on the passenger side the door opens till the restriction stops it and the sidemount clears ... on the drivers side the door hits the sidemount before it gets to the restriction ... I'm sure something is goofy with the driver side sidemount adjustment . I haven't taken that one off to look at it yet . I just got the car in the shop Friday night right before Tropical storm Olga hit us . I am still without power here ... running on generator since saturday morning .
  13. Thank you for the reply ... I read through your build and I commend you for your efforts . I agree that the value of these cars is low , and I suspect my friend paid too much when he purchased it but ... here we are . I have a hard time believing that Buick would consider the door hitting the sidemount as normal though... I started typing something about Buick build quality bla-bla... then I remembered this is a short frame car ... so there's that. Rich
  14. Hi My name is Richard , My friend ( also Richard) is unfortunately going blind and can no longer work ( he's a saturation diving life support tech ) and also can no longer drive and is moving from Texas to Missouri and selling his classic cars to fund the move . His 42 Nash is sold but this Buick and his 65 Olds 98 convert are not generating the interest he was hoping for . I offered to store his Buick for him and to fix it's issues in an effort to get a good price for the car , that being said I love the car it is very solid and if I can scrape together the cash I would love to own it. I am u
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