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  1. this may be a dumb question, but have you verified that the fuel economy is bad? I mean if you fill the tank reset the trip meter, drive some, refill and calculate based off how many gallons go back in, does that roughly coincide with the mpg reported? Maybe there is a problem with whatever sensor measures the MPG.
  2. My reatta has the cam sensor fault E041 code and I just calculated my mileage as 22.5 mpg. That is mostly city driving. So I can't immagine the cam sensor is the root cause if he's getting 15mpg.
  3. Ah the plastic crumbs I found in the bottom of the oil pan when I did my oil pan gasket make sense now. I did not find the magnet though. I wonder if the magnet is stuck to the side of the timing cover or something.
  4. My reatta is throwing a code for cam sensor, still runs ok though. Is it usually the sensor itself, or are there other things to check first?
  5. Next summer? Heck, it's in the mid-high 60s here in south carolina. I'm enjoying convertible driving right now haha. I do plan on suspension work at some point, but it's farther down the list right now. I have new tires, but haven't gotten them mounted yet. We'll see what kind of difference that makes.
  6. Wow lots of good info. Thanks everyone. It's really not that bad on mine, but I live is South Carolina, some of the roads are pretty rough here so that doesn't help.
  7. I posted this over at The ROJ too, but thought I would ask here too. Long story short, when I go over sharp bumps in the road, the car kind of "wobbles" not in the steering, it's more like the rearview mirror shakes back and forth a little bit. I've inspected the suspension and everything seems tight. It's likely the shocks are shot as old as it is. I have never owned a convertible before though, is this "normal" for a convertible and I'm just used to hard top cars? It doesn't feel dangerous or anything just more wobble than I would say I'm used to.
  8. Replaced leaky oil pan gasket on my reatta yesterday. Pretty easy job on this car. Snapped some not-so-great photos of the internals. Cylinder walls are a bit shiny, but overall everything looks pretty clean.
  9. What if you made a process to modify the back of the reflector piece to accept the common amber bulb. Then swap out the connector. I think they would take the same voltage right? You could solder a different connector and then cut the back of the reflector to accept the new bulb. Hopefully that makes sense.
  10. I found this rebuild service on ebay for the Instrument panel. Is anyone else here familiar with it? Seems like at least a comparable price. Reatta instrument panel rebuild service Ebay
  11. I echo what Josh B said. I am a new Reatta owner too as of a couple weeks ago and have already used ROJ quite a bit. Thanks for keeping it going. I plan to make a donation as soon as the budget allows.
  12. I'll get a better picture once I have time to give her a bath.
  13. Yeah I'm going to try cleaning the contacts hopefully tonight. I have noticed a few other weird symptoms that make me wonder if it is the IPC itself and not another electrical issue. The lights on the rest of the dash (radio, climate control, etc.) do not come on when it gets dark, however if the IPC comes on they also come on, although I have had the IPC error and the radio lights stay on. If the IPC has the error the electrical problem light is on, but if the IPC comes on, the electrical problem light goes off and the service AC light comes on. The IPC was working this morning and the Headlights Suggested light came on, even though it was bright as day out. Any thoughts? Am I dealing with a different issue or is all this consistent with a bad IPC unit?
  14. Update, the instrument panel was working this morning and the red brake light operated correctly, but does not when it is showing the 00 error
  15. Yeah only the ABS light comes on if I do that. Also the red brake light should come on if the parking brake is set right? It is not on if I set the parking brake.
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