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  1. Hi Al, Attached are some photos of my '17 Locomobile 48 Berling mag and switch that you were looking for. I am new to this and hope I am doing O.K.! Stewart
  2. Loco17


    Hello Al, Haven't found any Locomobile parts that I need yet. Could you email or text me your phone number so I might call you? Thanks. Stewart 413-519-4262.
  3. Loco17


    Locomobile Wanted: Wanted to buy for late teens or early twenties car......1917 Locomobile Book of Instruction, script Locomobile oil presssure gauge, script amp meter, top saddles that hold the folded top to the rear body section, german silver stop light housing, glass and bezel for lamp at rear of front seat, radiator, german silver windshield frame, other misc. parts. Call Stewart at 413-519-4262 or email saterrien@comcast.net