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  1. Thank you Padgett. Yes that's the 400ci. I did check and can get all parts and evacuatotor for about $500. My dad replaced the radio way back in the 70s but we have the stock radio. I spoke to my wife and she agrees we should keep it and enter a few shows. Maybe win a few trophies being that it's all original except the radio but that we have as well. I'm going to take others advice and have the brakes flushed and checked and put on a new set of tires. Thank you everyone for your kind comments.
  2. I'm graceful for your opinion GregLaR. I am thinking along the same lines. I am thinking of having the AC redone and buy a set of new tires along with some general maintenance then perhaps entering in local shows. Perhaps it may win a few trophies in the originality side. Thank you for your kind words. I grew up with this car and maybe my son will want it in 20 years or so Kind Regards.
  3. Hello Everyone, I'm sorry if I am posting in the wrong place. I am basically ooking for advice with a vehicle I recently acquired. In 1976 my dad bought a new Pontiac Catalina at Kircher Pontiac in Fort Worth Texas. I was 11 years old and was with him when he was inspecting the vehicle. After driving the car home at 50 mph without running the AC in July was terrible but he wanted to break it in right. The car has lived in his garage since new and was driven on sunny weekends to church or to eat and the one road trip to Colorado in 1977. He has always maintained it well and it is in showroom condition. In 1976 when he bought it, he had the seats covered in plastic and they still are. The car has 25,706 Miles and is perfect in every way except the AC compressor started leaking about 10 years ago and he did not fix it being that he only starts it every 2 weeks and drives to gas up or change the oil every 6 months. He gave me the vehicle and suggested I sell but I don't believe I should. I considered entering in shows after fixing the AC and putting new tires on it but I really am new at this. I have it registered as an antique with plates and have full insurance for it but I am torn on what to do. I will put a few pics to see what you all think. Is it worth selling, entering in shows or just holding another 20 years until I pass it down. Any insight would be appreciated.
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