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  1. Packard leaf spring shackle bolt reproduced from an original found on a 1936 senior model 1401. Machined from hardened steel to original dimensions. It includes the Bijur lubrication passageways should your car be so equipped. It may fit other models as well. Please check the dimensioned drawing to verify that it fits your application. Made in USA. https://whiteglovecollection.com/shop/packard-spring-shackle-bolt/
  2. Hi all, Just wanted to share this. I've got a new product coming out. Please see below: Offered for sale is a pair of thin-base, round-stem, see rite, side / spare tire mount mirrors. The stems are 5 inches tall and the mirrors are 4 1/2 inches in diameter. You can have any car logo on the mirror head. These include: Auburn Buick Cadillac Chrysler Duesenberg Hudson Lincoln Nash Packard Pierce Arrow Rolls Royce Studebaker Stutz The mirror bases are approximately 3 by 6 inches and are cast brass which has been triple chrome plated. Please inquire about other possible marquee availability. Straps are available in Black, Brown, London Tan or Chocolate featuring a stainless, roller buckle. More info here: https://whiteglovecollection.com/shop/see-rite-thin-base-round-stem-art-deco-spare-tire-mount-mirrors/
  3. Hi all, Just wanted to pass along that chrome Trippe light mounting brackets are now available. Here's the link: https://whiteglovecollection.com/shop/trippe-light-mounting-brackets-chrome/ Thanks, Crin
  4. Hi all, How many times have you dreaded changing the oil on your Packard? Maybe it’s just me… but… as a Packard owner I can tell you that I hated the thought of changing the oil simply because I didn’t want to drop the oil filter casing, re-make and replace the gaskets to the lines, soak my filter canister in kerosene, etc. I actually went out and bought a reproduction type canister that housed a spin on filter thinking that would be easier. It wasn’t. I still had to drop the canister, re-make the gaskets, open the canister where the spin on filter was soaked in oil. It was a royal pain. So … Here’s an oil filter conversion kit which accepts a commonly found spin on filter. From the top of the engine it looks just like the original canister but underneath it’s like any modern car. No more removing the canister or making new gaskets. Simply drain the oil, remove the spin on filter as on any modern car. The casing is machined billet aluminum that has been powder coated in a flat black wrinkle finish. It can be powder coated any color, or painted – your choice. The inside is made up of high pressure fittings, hoses, clamps and an oil filter relocation kit. The unit bolts right up to the original supply lines. Kit includes everything needed to install, including the oil filter and hardware (minus the gaskets). Made in the USA. Here's the link to more pictures: https://whiteglovecollection.com/shop/packard-oil-filter-conversion-kit/ Thanks, Crin
  5. PRE-SALE Original Packard stone guard metal mesh panel. The panel is woven metal made from 0.125 inch wide stainless strands and the distance between the squares is about 1 inch. The panel size is 30 by 42 inches (2.5 ft by 3.5 ft) and weighs about 11 pounds. NOTE: This is NOT a complete stone guard – just the woven mesh panel. Currently being manufactured and can be delivered in about 4 to 6 weeks from the order date. Made in the USA. More info and pictures can be found here: https://whiteglovecollection.com/shop/packard-style-stone-guard-mesh-panel/
  6. Hi all, Just wanted to pass along that I have new Cadillac and Studebaker license plate toppers available (please see pictures). Other makes are available here: https://whiteglovecollection.com/product-category/license-plate-toppers/ Thanks, Crin
  7. I believe his son was doing it as well. I found a number online. Apparently they have a septic tank business in PA. I left a message so we'll see what happens. Thank you all for the help.
  8. THAT'S THE GUY! Thank you! Any contact info by any chance?
  9. Packard comes to mind instantly as does Buick. About a year ago I had the number to a gent who was still making them for most makes (and had the patterns) but a new phone later and his number is gone. I can't remember his name either 😞
  10. Hi all, Does anyone still manufacture radiator stone guards? Thank you in advance, Crin
  11. Hi all, Just a quick announcement that we now have proper L-29 Cord mirrors in stock at the White Glove Collection. Faithfully reproduced from a sample lent to us by Ken Clark (thank you Ken). You can see them here: https://whiteglovecollection.com/shop/l-29-cord-see-rite-spare-tire-mount-mirrors-proper-cord-base/ Thank you, Crin
  12. NEW DRUM-STYLE LIGHTS BUILT TO ORDER All components are new and manufactured based on original designs. The headlight bucket, reflector and bezel are made of spun steel on original bucks. All the aforementioned components are then triple chrome plated. A new glass lens is made from an original press-mold. The light bucket base is cast in brass and triple chrome plated. The mounting base is machined steel and triple chrome plated and can accept a 1.25 inch diameter shaft for mounting on a running board. The mount also allows the light to pivot and turn. Stainless steel rivets hold the base to the headlight bucket to complete the original look. The dimensions are as follows: Diameter: 8 1/2 inches, Depth: 6 inches They come with your choice of 6 or 12 Volt bulbs. Made in the USA. https://whiteglovecollection.com/shop/drum-style-headlight-all-new/
  13. Replacement water pump pulley for Packard Standard 8 cars. The original pulleys were notorious for corroding and eventually cracking right around the shaft. This replacement is machined out of a billet aluminum block. A 1936 standard 8 pulley was used as a template. Will be happy to provide all dimensions to ensure proper fit. We also have the shaft keys available. Made in the USA. Purchasing information here.
  14. Hi all, I'm looking at a 1959 Cadillac I want to purchase. Upon speaking with the current owner, he told me that it stalls when you put it in Drive. He said if you keep your foot on the gas and kinda hard shift it into Drive it will keep running. The engine has been rebuilt recently as has the transmission. I'm just curious if it's something simple or something I should stay away from. Thank you for your help, Crin
  15. Hi all, If you are looking for a serrated Trippe light wrench for use with Gulmite fasteners, they are now available. Please follow the link below: https://whiteglovecollection.com/shop/serrated-trippe-light-wrench/ Thank you, Crin
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