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  1. Hi all, I'm looking at a 1959 Cadillac I want to purchase. Upon speaking with the current owner, he told me that it stalls when you put it in Drive. He said if you keep your foot on the gas and kinda hard shift it into Drive it will keep running. The engine has been rebuilt recently as has the transmission. I'm just curious if it's something simple or something I should stay away from. Thank you for your help, Crin
  2. Hi all, If you are looking for a serrated Trippe light wrench for use with Gulmite fasteners, they are now available. Please follow the link below: https://whiteglovecollection.com/shop/serrated-trippe-light-wrench/ Thank you, Crin
  3. Here's the latest White Glove Collection product. This is a Trippe light retainer ring with the pinch pins (not sure that's the correct term - please correct me as needed). These hold the lens in place. The ring is made of spring steel, the pins are machined steel and they are all triple chrome plated. $54.99 each - click here for more info
  4. Oh and they're only $1950 a pair. If anyone can make them for less please let me know. I'll buy them from you... lol ...
  5. As my good buddy Hal Knight always said - "You wanna be a player, you gotta be a payer." ... lol ... but hey look at the bright side, I will ship them for free to the continental US so you'd have that going for you.
  6. Hi all,Just wanted to spread the word that if you're in the market for a set of Senior Trippe lights, I can make you a set to order.All components are new and manufactured based on original designs.The headlight bucket, reflectors and bezel are made of spun steel on original bucks. All the aforementioned components are then triple chrome plated. A new glass lens is made from an original press-mold. The light bucket base is cast in brass and triple chrome plated. The mounting bases are cast in aluminum and can be powder coated or painted. Stainless steel rivets hold the base to the headlight bu
  7. Hi all, If you are in need of woodgraining services please contact me at 618 304 0907. I am migrating all the services from my old business (Under Cover Upholstery and Paint) to my new venture (The White Glove Collection). Here's a 1932 dash ready for clear.
  8. Fresh batch of Guide Super Ray straps. Contact The White Glove Collection 618 304 0907 Thanks Crin
  9. Hi all, We now have a limited supply of bi color Guide super ray 7 7/8 in driving lenses. The color is not sprayed on but rather fired on the glass lens in a kiln. Very high quality piece. Contact The White Glove Collection 618 304 0907 Thanks Crin
  10. Hi Do you still have this?
  11. Hi Can you please send me some dimensions? Like the diameter of the bucket...
  12. Hi, Can anyone tell me what these lights are? The black ones behind the mirrors - there's a triangle emblem on them. Please see the picture. Thanks, Crin
  13. Hi, These just came in today - a senior Trippe light badge mounting bracket and a half-reflector support spring. You can order or see more information here. Thank you, Crin
  14. Hi all, I just received a shipment of freshly cast, (glass not plastic), Woodlite and Guide Super Ray lenses. I have both the Driving and Passing 7 7/8" lenses for the Guide Super Ray lights. LIMITED QUANTITIES - they cost a bundle to make and I'm not sure when I'll run another batch. Get 'em while they last. Please visit The White Glove Collection for more information or to purchase. Thank you, Crin
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