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  1. Hi all, Just wanted to let everyone know about a few items coming down the pike from the White Glove Collection: 1. Two new Packard radiator caps, 1929, 1934 - 1937 and 2. Packard running board horse shoe mouldings spanning multiple years as well. If you have a specific item that you need re-created please let me know. I've also started a "Print Series" of some more obscure car marques and you can see them here. Thank you, Crin
  2. Hi all, I just started making these again and wanted to share. Here's a Pierce Arrow license plate topper and I have more makes coming such as Packard, Cadillac, Buick and Studebaker. You can see more here:
  3. Hi everyone, Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Here's a nice new item, or a twist on an old item rather - anyway - a beautiful set of side mount Packard logo mirrors. I made a set for my car - pretty self serving when you have all the molds but I thought I'd share as I am planning on selling these as well. I can make these for any made and model. Click here for the eBay listing. Thanks, Crin
  4. NEW PRODUCT Hi all, I wanted to showcase a new product. This is a reproduction Goddess of Speed and radiator cap. Visit our New Product page to see this and more new items. Thanks, Crin
  5. Black Friday till Christmas! Take $10 off all Trippe light badges 'till Christmas. Visit the ebay store to see all items: Thanks, Crin
  6. Just send me a sample of each so I can duplicate it...
  7. What about the plate that says woodlite? What are the dimensions (width and height from the bottom to the top of the arc? I've got you working... Lol Thanks
  8. Hi, Just curious if anyone can fill in these dimensions for me? Thank you in advance, Crin
  9. Nothing says Christmas like a new pair of Trippe Light Prestige Badges I always say ... 😀. I always say that - I'm weird. Why settle for a new pair of socks or a tie when you can spruce up your Trippe lights. $10 off website listed price - email me to order ( Thanks, Crin
  10. Hi, I have a pair of rear quarter window frames that have been freshly chrome plated for sale. They came off a 1936 senior Packard sedan. If anyone can use them please take a look here: Thank you, Crin
  11. Hello everyone, Hot off the press - well hot off the metal spinner. Here are the latest items offered by the White Glove Collection. These are brand new buckets, bezels and reflectors made off original bucks out of 18 ga, annealed brass. Please visit for more information. Thank you, Crin
  12. Hi all, Quick market survey - How many folks here would be interested in 7 and 8 inch Pilot Ray glass lenses? Reproduced off original pieces. Please ask your friends and let me know. Feel free to email me at I appreciate your input. Wayne, I have you down so no need to respond in case you see this. Thank you all, Crin
  13. Hi All, Just wanted to update everyone that the products from the White Glove Collection are coming back to the market. We have spare tire mounted mirrors in a variety of makes with different types of posts. We have also started reproducing Senior Trippe Lights as well as Guide Super Ray Lights (7 7/8") with new driving and passing lenses using original glass molds. In addition, we have an array of Guide Super Ray straps and are working diligently on reproducing these same straps by metal stamping as they were originally. We can help with casting parts such as hood ornaments, door handles and other trim pieces. We also offer metal spinning services which lends itself to manufacturing headlight buckets, hubcaps and mirror heads. Please visit for all the latest products and/or our eBay store at Thank you, Crin