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  1. Thanks - this won't be the car I buy but I love the style and this gives me a target to shoot for in terms of year / make / model / look. That said, is this make/model (1946 Ford Super Deluxe) a potential for daily driving and occasional highway speeds? I'm also up for trying the Model A too but I don't like the version with the spare tire on the side personally.
  2. Dang that's a nice one - probably a little too nice for my needs! But goodness - what a head turner.
  3. This listing is what drew me to this model in the first place! I absolutely love this particular car, paint job and everything. I could pay the $1500 to have it shipped, but how the heck do I know if this is a good deal? I wonder if there's a mechanic in the area who I could trust and pay to go scope it all out for me....
  4. That Pontiac Silver looks right up my alley, but I have no idea if that's a good deal or will satisfy my driving conditions. What would be a good way to dig into that? Thanks for looking for options btw - super helpful.
  5. Following up here on some of the responses... * I live near the coast so ac isn’t required but would be nice to have an option to add it as a project * I want to emphasis the need for a daily driver - not something I’ll be keeping stored in a garage all the time * For this reason, I don’t want something that has such a nice paint job that I’ll be worried about keeping it cleaned all the time - cars with patina or older paint job are a-ok with me * I absolutely must have a vehicle that can handle street driving but will also handle the occasional trip on a highway wh
  6. The Model A and 1935 Ford Phaeton both look amazing. Are those legit viable options? Where would be a good place for me to look to buy one and/or test drive? Who can help me evaluate the condition and price of the vehicle?
  7. Thanks for the reply! My wife drives a newer mazda and I have a Camry with 150K miles. Given I drive so little, I'd like to get rid of the Camry as it is starting to need many repairs. It doesn't need to be too old but I really like the look of the metal bodied vehicles from the 50's. It doesn't need to be stock or original at all. I've heard of something called a restomod which incorporates modern features into an older vehicle. That actually sounds ideal. LA city driving is low speed, lots of stop and go. That's really good to know. Is there a place wh
  8. Hi - first time poster here. I'm looking for a new car and was hoping to solicit some recommendations based on my preferences. I'm quite flexible but here are a few specs to inform the recommendation. * Budget $15K * I live in Los Angeles and need something that can handle city driving * I drive on average ~25-40 miles total a week - usually on the low end. * I prefer something that is relatively reliable and easy to work on when necessary * Would prefer something I don't have to give white glove treatment to I've seen some 1940's Ford Deluxe that lo
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