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  1. Thanks, that was the image I needed. Had the rocker home in the wrong spot. Thanks again.
  2. Does anyone have an exploded view or a picture of the small pieces that make up the assembly that go under the side cover of a trico wiper motor?
  3. Recently purchased a 1938 buick business coupe and want to add signal lights. Has anyone converted the fender bullet lights to a 2 filament bulb. What bulb bases will fit? I also want to use led's for the added brightness.
  4. I wonder if eggs prestone will stop the leaks.
  5. To check all your electrical connections, use a VOA meter and perform a voltage drop test at each connection including your grounding system back to the battery. If you have a voltage drop higher than .2 volts when cranking, the wire or connection is most likely the problem.
  6. Yes, that was the one. Sorry I missed it, better luck next year at Hershey. Thanks for the replys.
  7. On Friday morning in the orange field I saw an American Bantam (red) for sale. By the time my wife came and we walked back the flea market the vendor space was empty. Does anyone have any information as to the owner of the car so I can contact them. I would appreciate any information. Thanks.
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