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  1. Is there a diagram or pictures that show where all the Grease Fittings are in an original 1932 Plymouth Business Coupe? Your help is appreciated Tom M
  2. I own a Clean Titled 1932 Plymouth Business Coupe. There is no Serial Number Tag on the Passenger Side Door Post. I've been told there is another Serial Number on the Frame. So, where do I start looking for the Frame Serial Number??? The State Vehicle Inspection Facility will need to see the Serial Number to Verify the Vehicle during the yearly inspection. A picture of the location on the frame would be appreciated. Thank You for your Help πŸ™‚ Tom M
  3. Where on the 1932 Plymouth PB are the Serial Numbers? What is a Typical Serial Number. Could someone post a picture of the Serial Number Locations Thank You in Advance πŸ™‚ Tom M
  4. I will keep you posted what shows I will be at this winter. PM Sent πŸ™‚
  5. Thank You πŸ™‚ I am not near the car right now and will ne be able to measure the Hood Opening until Mid November Tom M
  6. Thank You CHuDWah I will never be offended by any forum posters. I've owned and own now many cars for pleasure and fun. The object is to share and learn on any forum. I would never dis another car owner new or old. Not my style. IMO all cars are to be appreciated. Yes I have noticed the Radiator Shell has been modified. By how much I do not know and I am learning. Yes the Gas Tank has been relocated behind the seat area. A flip up Gas Cap was installed. Pretty cool. The half hood was custom made by the builder. I was more curious than anything about the Louvered sides and do like the look of a full hood. I may have sides manufactured in the future. Thank you for the production numbers. Being a multiple Corvette owner production numbers are important to us. Thank You for the links. I will surely look in to them and weigh what my options are. No, I am not sure is if the Drum Brakes are OE. The car brakes have been upgraded to PB. Also the Power Steering has been installed. I don't have any pictures to go by and compare to see if they are original or not. One of the reasons I am here on the AACA Forum. The car is a recent buy and have not figured out what I have to or want to do to the car. It is pretty show worthy as it stands now. I live part time in-between Sarasota & Ft Myers Florida. When the temperature is above 60 degrees I head up to Boston where I also have a home. The car is in FL as we speak and I am in Boston. I will not be heading south until Mid November. So, taking dimensions or additional pictures will have to wait. I have attended and competed every year in March at the Venice Florida AACA Annual Car Show in Venice Center. I have a lot of friends who are AACA members down there. I even won a Trophy one year with one of my Vettes in my class. I attached a pic of my winning Vette at the show. Thank you so much for your time and patience πŸ™‚ Tom M
  7. If you look at the pic's of my car I've noticed the Radiator Shroud is different than the original. Or, is my 32 right??? I also added a picture of the rear and noticed my Gas Fill cap is in a different location than original pictures I've seen. Any advice? The Hood is not original to the car. I am looking for a 32 Hood and Side Louvers for my car. Either original or aftermarket steel or fiberglass. Any advice? Does anybody have pictures of a Stock 32 Front Steering/Front Suspension/Wheels Pins and Spindles/Brake assembly? I would like to compare it to my 32 to see what has been upgraded & what is original. Power Brakes have been added but, the 4 wheels still have Drums. I'd like to change them to Discs if at all possible. Power Steering has also been added. What Model is this car???? Does anybody know the 32 Production numbers? Your help is appreciated πŸ™‚ Tom M
  8. Hi I am looking for an Original Hood and Sides for a 32 or an Aftermarket Re-Manufactured one in Steel or Fiberglass. Question: What was the Original Size of a 32 Rear End and What was the Gear Ratio?????? Thanks in Advance Tom M
  9. Hi πŸ™‚ I am a newbie to the Street Rod world. I have been a Corvette & Muscle Car Fan for many years. I picked up this 1932 Plymouth and know very little about the car. I live in the Boston Area and attend many Car Shows and Meets through out the summer months. Besides the small cosmetic things on my car, I would like to learn more about the Front End, Suspension & Brakes. One of the first things I would like to do is Change the Original Drum Brakes to Disc's. I've searched all over the internet and have not found a conversion kit for this car. Can anybody head me in the right direction please?? I would also like to upgrade the Front End and suspension. What are some of the common things that are done to upgrade/modernize the systems. I have a million questions and I'm looking forward to my new project. I attached a picture of the car as it stands now. Any opinions and questions are welcome. I'd like to make some friends on forum and hopefully meet at future AACA Events. Thank You in advance Tom
  10. Here's a picture of the car I purchased. I do not know how much of the car has original parts or the look. The first thing I want to do is change the brakes from Power Drum to Disc Brakes. Any advice where to buy the kits would be appreciated. I am new to the Plymouth and loving it.
  11. I recently purchased a 1932 Plymouth. It’s a 3 Window and does not have a Rumble Seat. I am open to learn as much about the car as I can, where to get parts & where to go for local Meets & Plymouth Car Shows in the New England area. Thank you πŸ™ in advance 😁 Tom