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  1. Went to their website but only found the 2018 video. Do you have a link to the 2019 video? Nevermind, I found it on youtube. Thank you.
  2. Received the PM. Unfortunately the email I sent him bounced back to me as undeliverable. Do you know of another email for him?
  3. Thanks for the help. I contacted the Lincoln K group on Facebook and they told me that there was an informative article in an issue of the Lincoln Owners Club magazine a few years ago about this very car. I have reached out to club authorities to try and find the back issue it appeared in. Hopefully they can help. Unfortunately, I haven't found a way to contact Mr. Powels. Google searches came up with an address but I'd like to contact him via email. Again, I appreciate your input. It was extremely helpful.
  4. Anyone know what ever happened to 1930's movie actress Thelma Todd's '32 Lincoln KB Dual Cowl Phaeton? From what I understand, after her untimely death in December 1935 from carbon monoxide poisoning, the car was sold at auction the following year to someone in California named Ted Reed. He owned the car for decades until his passing in 2003. The car was then sold to someone else. It's been a mystery for over eighty years as to how Thelma Todd died (accidental, murder or suicide) and I am doing some research into how this car was equipped, particularly, was it equ
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