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  1. I was able to find some photos of the one serial number we could find on the steering box. it appears to be a 51 over 60367. I'm not sure if that helps to firm up any ideas on identifying it.
  2. Thank you all for your posts. I was leaning towards both dodge and willys after looking at endless pictures. I'm not experienced with the older cars so I very much appreciate your knowledge on the subject. I was leaning towards dodge because of only two hinges in the doors mostly before I saw this site and decided to post. The initial pictures are after my wife and I stood it up when we found it in the back of our lot crushed by a tree. I had to take it out in pieces and did the best I could on getting it straight and upright initially. I'm doing more permanent repairs now, but it will never be more than yard art. Almost everything below the doors is gone including most of the doors, and everything from the firewall forward is gone as well.
  3. Found this car on our property but no identifiable tags or serials.