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  1. Hello everyone, I have a 1957 Buick Special that I have been working on and got it up and running. There are still some issues that I just do not have the means to tackle right now. I have been looking for some shops in the Oklahoma City area to possibly take it to. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations. Thank you! Any information is appreciated.
  2. Yes that is important information!! It is a 57 Buick Special. No fuse on the fuse panel and that rheostat is the only thing resembling a fuse in the switch. I thought that was the fuse. I am new and learning!! Thank you for your imput!!
  3. That you for your response. Before I took out the light switch all the interior lights and parking lights worked. Also I could dim the interior lights. What could be causing the headlights to not work? There was no power at the headlights or at the dimmer switch on the floor board.
  4. My headlights were not working so I traced the problem back to the switch, and I found this. I believe this is the rheostat that is causing the problem. I do not know how to fix this problem. Is it possible to get a new one, I dont believe this could be repaired, I could be wrong though. All other light switches I have found are aftermarket and do not have the three notches or settings like the original. Any help is appreciated!! Thank you
  5. I am still not sure. There is not power going to the headlights or the dimmer switch. I need to make my way to the light switch. But the guy who owned the Buick before myself re upholstered the dash and covered up all the screws to the top of the dash so that makes things difficult since I cannot reach it from under the dash. I'll figure it out in time.
  6. 57 Buick Special. This seems to be a popular subject but yes I am having leaks on my torque tube. I believe what I need to fix this issue is a torque ball retainer kit and a Dyanflow rear seal kit. Is this all? I have read that I do not need a spline seal because they are not used on a 57 Buick. Is this correct? One more thing, I believe I traced the leak to the torque tube and rear of the transmission but is there anywhere else were these Dynaflows are notorious for leaking? I have read that where the bell housing connects to the transmission case, from the accumulator and cap is were it can leak also. Any thoughts? Any input is welcome and appreciated. Thank you all very much!
  7. g-g-g0, The issue is I cannot even reach the the light switch, its tucked up under the dash pretty good. There are so many other wires that I cannot even get close to the light switch, my hand doesn't even come close lol Also the dimmer switch is the light switch, for mine anyways. You turn the light switch clockwise and counter clockwise to dim the lights. I am going to retest the voltage for the headlights and work my way back again and hopefully I missed something so I do not have to mess with the light switch
  8. Thank you all so much. I am new to this but with help from a good group of people like you I will learn fast. Thanks again.
  9. M1824, I cannot even reach the spring loaded pin. That is my problem. From laying on the floorboard I cann ot reach the light switch. My next time would be is to take off the panel were the EM brake light is.
  10. Hello everyone. I juts bought my 1st Buick ever, a 57 Special. So I am learning and doing the best i can. I am having trouble getting the headlights to work. Every other light works except the headlights. I have read the owners manual and it pretty much says to remove/test the light switch. I would test it while it is still installed but I cannot reach behind the dash to get to it. Anything information helps and sorry if I am leaving anything out. My mechanical skills only go so far and this is my first project car. The oldest car I have ever owned is my 98 Pontiac.
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