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  1. You have to buy a donor one off ebay and use it for parts there a dime a dozen
  2. Looking for windshield frame for a 1938 dodge 1/2 ton pickup
  3. To all and everyone out there who helped me along HAPPY HOLIDAYS
  4. Im trying to bring back this pickup with the technology it had when produced
  5. This is wayne I'm looking for the said cut out gen switch TC4301-A would you happen to have any
  6. Hey jon you hav extra parts for my38 dodge 1/2 ton pickup
  7. Hey im wayne i have a 38 dodge rc series 1/2 ton restoring to original factory specs can you tell me where to get thatshifter boot setup
  8. These two fuel tank reproducers you replied to do they reproduce for my 38 dodge 1/2 ton pickup
  9. Is the heater still available if so can you pm me with pictures
  10. 1948 dodge4sp wPTO transmission#C39871 date 2/4/48 for sale
  11. Im looking to buy splash aprons for my 38 dodge RC series 1/2 ton pickup anyone out there
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