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  1. When we purchased our 1929 Desoto 4 door saloon I was very fortunate many spares were included. I am currently replacing the bearings etc in the spare gearbox. Wanting to know the bearing and seal numbers - one bearing is a SKF 6207 but I can't find numbers for other parts. Would welcome any suggestions, tips or advice on what else to do to the gear box including best lubrication. Serial Number is a Canadian built OW 664 L Just in case it is helpful my engine number is 8829 40829 - 2 Head is 40836 1 Silver Dome Spare engine and head are 2429 40829 - 2 40836 1 Silver Dome Thanks in anticipation.
  2. Thank you all so very much for you replies, much appreciated. I have much to learn so this is an excellent forum for me. 1. viv w - I have posted a photo of 6 rim clamping lugs - 4 from one wheel and two from another. Hope this helps. 2. 1912Staver (Greg) - I will remove the tyre if there no other way of identifying the make. I have had help in removing a tyre from my Desoto but that resulted in destroying the latch. Had the repair done which is now my spare. Not over keen on doing that again. 3. Laydon B - Thanks for the catalog details, most helpful. Have had latch repairs on two rims. One I help break when trying to fit the tyre and the spare was broken when I purchased the car. Have included a photo. 4. LI_BENTLEY - I have a friend who has a 1929 Chrysler so I will investigate and get back to you. We are now in Covid-19 Alert Level 3 in NZ so I can't visit him until we go to a lower level. 5. nzcarnerd - You are correct - my car s/n is OW664L so it was built in Canada.
  3. This is my first post and I live in New Zealand. I have a 1929 Desoto Six Model K and I purchased two wheels as spares while touring the South Island (in our modern) last year. Unfortunately I did have enough knowledge at the time to check these were the correct wheels for my car. They're not. Would like to know what model these are for, so I can pass them onto someone else who may need them. The hub size is 2 1/4" (58mm) - my Desoto ones are 2 1/2" (64mm). Tyre is 4.75 - 5.00 - 19 Hopefully the photos I have taken will help to identify them. Have also added a photo of my Desoto rim. I still plan to restore them as I find that enjoyable and rewarding.