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  1. Hi Norm Thank you for the welcome, and yes it is heartwarming to know there is such goodwill and willingness to share information. We have decided to take the easier option of having the clutch done through Repco (they apparently have a company (?) who does such jobs) so we will not be able to assist with sourcing the facing material. regards Marianne
  2. ha ha ha 🤣 did wonder why he was facing in this direction. Appears my great-grandfather was allocated the jump seat - must have been a tight fit with the 4 children as well!
  3. Buicks are in the blood. Attached photo of a Buick Roadster taken in 1924 with my dad sitting on the bonnet - most probably taken somewhere around Stratford in Gippsland.
  4. Hi Rod, Thanks for the info. We bought a workshop manual and appears to be a big job to get the clutch out! We have some idea of the history of our 24-55. It was originally purchased in 1924 from Lanes Motors by a woman who owned the Trafalgar Pub In Gippsland. To date we have not been able to find out her name. The 1924 Buick Touring has always been owned by and still remains in the greater Gippsland region. I believe the difference between the 1924 and 1925 is that the 1924 has the square exhaust manifold. We are currently looking into having someone local
  5. I would like to thank all contributors to this thread... and in particular Hugh. We now have adequate information to progress with the job. The kindness and sharing nature of this forum is most heartwarming regards Marianne & Dave
  6. Hi Hugh, I am new to forums, so apologies for any delayed responses. 1924 Buick Master Six Series 24-55 Sport Touring (pics below). Dave is currently in the process of inspecting the clutch. Thanks for the directions and link as this technical information is most helpful. There has been a bit of head scratching going on this end... We are located in rural Victoria, Australia Marianne
  7. Hi We are looking for 1924 Buick clutch plates - can anyone supply these? We are located in Australia
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