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  1. I would like to thank all contributors to this thread... and in particular Hugh. We now have adequate information to progress with the job. The kindness and sharing nature of this forum is most heartwarming regards Marianne & Dave
  2. Hi Hugh, I am new to forums, so apologies for any delayed responses. 1924 Buick Master Six Series 24-55 Sport Touring (pics below). Dave is currently in the process of inspecting the clutch. Thanks for the directions and link as this technical information is most helpful. There has been a bit of head scratching going on this end... We are located in rural Victoria, Australia Marianne
  3. Hi We are looking for 1924 Buick clutch plates - can anyone supply these? We are located in Australia
  4. How wonderful and generous! I'm in rural Victoria in Australia and we have a Buick Series 40 Special 1939... I'm very interested in getting a copy for my partner and am happy to pay extra to cover international postage costs