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  1. Thank you for your response!! I kinda figured there would be a plethora of these things back in the day. There are no nidentifying marks anywhere so who knows. And I agree with you it's a cool style.
  2. Unfortunately I have a lot of those LOL. That's what makes metal detecting so intriguing. It's a story of where and when I found it and the research to provide the information. And that's why I'm here thanks for all your input much appreciated!
  3. Ah ok. My son thought there may have been a badge that was there at ome time. Are these of any worth?
  4. Thanks for the response. Agreed parts are missing. What makes you say after market? How can you tell? Thanks!!
  5. Bob it looks like it was hinged and that is why I believe it was a radiator cap. The item is quite heavy and would assume it's about 2 lb
  6. Thanks for the response Terry. There appears to be no threads on the inside. But there does appear to be too brackets that look like it might have held what you said a temperature gauge. I looked online for a few hours and didn't find anything that looked like it. So I'm wondering how early it is
  7. I have an item you see here that I found metal detecting. I believe it to be an antique radiator cap from back in the day. Does this look familiar to anyone? Any information appreciated!!!
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