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  1. I offer you If you have a mobile phone or other device which has a heat camera check how the engine is getting hot. Maybe you will see a causeless hotspot. And the check of the water pump flow by big water tank is a good idea.

    If you fail to solve the problem,still have the fastest and much expensive tea-water boiling machine of the world:)) Sorry, bad joke my fingers crossed to have the solution!

  2. I have a 1929 Chrylser model 65 and have the same problem. By ear I feel 30-32mph is the good for the car and the engine. Originally it has 4 differential ratios, mine is the shortest (44-9)unfortunatelly. Factory made 44-9 46-10 43-10 and a 43-11.The longest is 16% longer but I could not find yet. 1st gear is very short, you can start with 2nd if the car is not full with people.

     In winter I think I made a longer version, or build in a Volvo overdrive not sure which is better.

  3. Maybe a stupid idea but do you have proper airflow through the radiator? Is your fan blade in good position and close enough to the radiator? Is it correct size and number of blades for your car?

     Once I had an old car with modified electric fan installed but overheats...all checked again and again...carb,ignition,water pump,replace heater,replace temperature gauge,remove thermostat and so.The problem was that some stupid do the +- in the electric, fan turns opposite way.Don't suck air in,just hardly tried to push the air out from the engine bay against 50mph incoming wind. I changed the polarity and all fine. In your case its not the problem except the fan blades are in correct position :)

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  4. Yes this photo was made in front of the so called "parade grandstand"in Budapest Varosliget. The huge bronze Stalin statue stands the top of it till 1956 october when the revolution knocked it down. They cut the legs with flame cutter and tow with truck till it collapsed.(the statue inside reinforced with railway rail) Then only stalins boots are on the grandstand, the public language call it boot's square :) 



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