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  1. It's a day I will never, ever forget... and I suspect no one who lived through that time ever will. Just the day before we had driven home from our week long vacation in Lake George, with the Adirondack Nationals being the highlight of the year, then and now being my favorite day of the year. 


    I was sleeping the next morning and I remember my mom coming in to my room in tears and waking me up telling me that we had been attacked. My dad was watching the tv with my mom in the other room next to mine. 


    I lay in bed watching and just not really believing what I was seeing...knowing it was all too real but not really sure how what I was seeing could be happening, if that makes sense. Eventually, I had to go to the bathroom and as I walked to there my dad told me the tower fell. I said I know, but then he said that no, the second one fell in the time I was walking out of my room and to the bathroom, which is maybe four steps away. 


    I don't remember much beyond that. I remember my brother coming home from work early. I remember not wanting my dad to go to work but he worked at the USPS in Yonkers and he went to work on time. I remember that it was the first day in my life I didn't do any hobby stuff ever. (The only other days in my life that had no hobby stuff is when I was in the hospital). I remember seeing the other building collapse on tv live in the afternoon. i remember not being able to get on the internet most of the day, and I remember the silence of no airplanes...I have the Dutchess County Airport maybe 8 minutes away and I live along the route the planes take to Stewart International Airport so hearing aircraft overhead is a common sound. 


    Later, I found out that my mom had seen one of the planes go by out the bathroom window. We live within walking distance of the Hudson River which the plane followed. There's a brand new Memorial in my home town for the one resident who was killed that day...he lived on my street and my mom had him in her cub scout troop back in the day. 


    I had no idea that September 10th, 2001, would be the last time my family ever got to take a vacation together. Not only did everything in the world change the next day, my dad lost his battle with cancer in February 2002. I have such clear memories of the days we were in Lake George that year. My dad explaining why the car smelled different because it was alcohol fueled instead of gasoline. I remember the sweltering heat...I remember posing for a picture with my dad by a 70 El Camino, although he had no idea my mom was taking the picture...not having any idea that it was going to be the last picture ever taken of my dad. I was 16 in September 2001. 

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  2. The Adirondack Nationals have had large trucks in the past but it's pretty rare. Last one I remember being in the show was a WWII troop carrier about 10 years ago. Usually at least one cruising but not in the show proper. 


    Although predominantly hot rods there are plenty of factory stock cars as well. The 1910 Oakland that was in Hemmings was here a few years ago and is the oldest I've seen at the show. 


    I co-run the Adirondack Nationals Photo Archive group on Facebook. 

  3. I have a question for the more knowledgeable folks here. (More knowledgeable than I, I mean). When did the personalized license plates begin to be seen? 


    As you may know I'm a model car builder, and one of my "pet peeves" in the hobby is when the model companies put year of manufacture license plates with some contrived thing on it, for example 1926 plates that say "26T". 


    To me that's unrealistic and I refuse to use them, in fact I'd rather not put a plate on at all than use one of them.


    Am I wrong or did plates like this actually exist back when the cars were new? Thanks.

  4. 1998. We had just gotten the inspection done on our 1990 Ford Aerostar and my mom and I took a ride, coming down a hill on Route 9D in Fishkill NY and the breaks are gone. She somehow managed to get us stopped and ended up getting it limped into the parking lot of the now defunct Stewart's Shop there. My brother came and got us in his car and my dad fixed the brakes in the parking lot later that night. As it turns out they did something to the brake line when they were checking it. 


    In 2018 my brother's car had catastrophic engine failure while going on I84 in Newburgh NY. A friendly passerby helped him push it out of the driving lane during rush hour. 

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  5. Very cool! Is it on display regularly? I really like the Toledo area, I visited for the model car show held in Maumee and later Sylvania which ended in 2019. My whole family liked it so much we made it a regular vacation.

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  6. 10 hours ago, CHuDWah said:


    Your whole fotki site is pretty impressive. 

    Thank you...I've maintained it since 2004. Over 400,000 images, almost all of which were created by me, either photos or scans. It's definitely my pride and joy. I've worked hard to create it, but since I enjoy it so much I don't really think work is the correct term. 

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  7. I tried to create my own but gave up several years ago. I simply don't have the access to enough cars nor the knowledge. I got a nasty sunburn from the way I was holding my notepad at Rhinebeck one year and then my computer died where I had everything stored and listed on Excel, I hadn't backed that up when I thought I had. 


    I still have what I did create on my website, and have added to the overall album a few times. https://public.fotki.com/ElCaminoBilly/automobile-guide/

  8. 1 hour ago, Larry Schramm said:


    Having driven a lot of ambulances and fire trucks, they do not drive that fast.  Number one priority is getting there safe and in one piece.  The companies and fire departments that I have worked for stressed safety. You do not really "make up" a lot of time if any going fast.   The last thing everyone wants is to have two or three or more patients from an accident. And in today's world you need to look at the other driver as trying to "get you".  I would say that from my personal experience most call runs to an incident or hospital would be the speed limit or just over it.  You are able to go through lights safely after stopping on red lights and go around traffic.


    The ambulance got me from my house to the hospital in Poughkeepsie NY in 7 minutes...normal time is a half hour. It was in the 5 am hour so less traffic was about. Probably a very good thing, my family was told 5 minutes later and I would not have survived. Even so they gave me only a 5% survival chance, but here I am.

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